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For sporting events contact:
Trisha Heino, Sport Development Coordinator 
807-631-6135 |

For festivals and all other events contact:
Catherine Wilson, Community & Event Development Coordinator
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Licence and permit applications  

Note: Special Event Applications should be submitted to Event Services at least 8 weeks prior to the event.

Multi-Sport Games Administrative Advisory Committee

The Multi-Sport Games Administrative Advisory Committee provides advice and input to the Recreation & Culture Division regarding the analysis of multi-sport Games hosting opportunities.  The committee has been selected and will serve a two-year term.
Contact Paul Burke at or 807-625-2305

 Terms of Reference

Multi-Sport Games Administrative Advisory Committee (MSGAC)

Terms of Reference 


The Multi-Sport Games Administrative Advisory Committee provides advice and input to Recreation & Culture regarding the review and analysis of multi-sport Games hosting opportunities as per the Sports Tourism Events & Activities Policy approved by Council in 2008.

The MSGAC shall be an advisory committee of Recreation & Culture reporting through the Event Services unit.  It shall function in an advisory, rather than an operational capacity.

The primary roles of the MSGAC shall be to provide a specialized resource for Recreation & Culture. It shall serve as a resource to solicit the opinions of the larger sport community on issues related to the development of multi-sport events for the City of Thunder Bay.



The Sports Tourism Events & Activities Policy guides the work of Event Services and MSGAC. 

Scope of Work

 The Multi-Sport Games Advisory Committee shall be tasked with the following duties: 

  • Review and evaluate various multi-sport Games opportunities which require the Municipality to bid upon or support/endorse;
  • Provide recommendations to the Recreation & Culture Division regarding Thunder Bay’s capacity and ability to successfully host various multi-sport Games;
  • Provide advice and recommendations regarding the facility needs and development required to host multi-sport events;
  • Help facilitate dialogue with and among stakeholders;
  • Inform Recreation & Culture of relevant issues, trends, or opportunities;
  • Provide advice and assistance regarding the formation of committees to bid for and host selected games  

Membership Selection and Committee Composition 

City Administration shall recruit potential candidates through an application process.  The recruitment and selection for MSGAC shall involve Recreation & Culture staff along with two current and/or past MSGAC members who will review applicants and select the member representatives.

All voting members of the MSGAC shall reside, work, or own property in the City of Thunder Bay.  Individuals who do not meet these requirements may be non-voting members of the committee.


The MSGAC shall consist of 8-12 voting members recruited as follows:

  • Seven “At-Large” representatives with expertise in organizing sport events. Selection of these members should endeavor to create an appropriate mix from the following:

-          experience bidding for and/or organizing multi-sport Games

-          experience bidding for and/or organizing winter sport events

-          experience bidding for and/or organizing summer sport events

-          experience providing sport opportunities for people with disabilities

-          experience providing sport programs and events for indigenous peoples

  • Five appointed representatives of Superior Secondary Schools Athletic Association, Lakehead University, Confederation College, the local Hotels Coalition and the Government of Ontario Regional Services Branch.


Recreation & Culture and Tourism Thunder Bay staff shall sit on the MSGAC in an ex-officio capacity (non-voting members). Staff from other departments may be invited to attend meetings as required. 

Unassigned or vacated seats can be filled throughout the year. The person appointed to fill a seat shall retain the seat for the remainder of the term and seats shall be filled as part of the outlined selection process and term of appointment.  


Appointment and Term


In May 2020, up to seven “At-Large” members will be appointed for a two-year term. Up to five representatives will be appointed by organizations invited to participate.



Members shall elect a Chair from among the members. Beginning in March 2014, the term of this position shall be two years. A Chair may not serve more than three consecutive terms.

In the event of the Chair’s absence at any given meeting, the Vice-Chair or an Acting Chair shall assume this role through a pre-set schedule of meeting rotations as determined by the Committee.

Duties of the Chair

The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Committee and provide instructions to all Sub-Committee Chairs.  The Chair shall set meeting agendas in consultation with Recreation & Culture Division staff.  The Chair shall act in an ambassador capacity for the MSGAC as requested by the Recreation & Culture Division for local sport events, meetings or forums.


Conflict of Interest

The Committee will be governed by the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.  Copies of the Act will be provided to the Committee members at the inaugural meeting of the Committee along with a brief overview.



A schedule of meetings shall be determined between Recreation & Culture and the Chair. At least one meeting will be held per year. Additional special meetings may be called on an as required basis.

Unless otherwise authorized by the Committee, the public shall only address the Committee when they are a scheduled delegation on the Committee agenda.

An agenda will be provided to the Committee members in advance of the meeting date.  Minutes shall be recorded in accordance with the City of Thunder Bay procedures and guidelines. 



The Committee may create such Sub-Committees as the business of the Committee may require on an as-needed basis, each of which shall be in place and perform duties as directed by MSGAC.


The Chair of a Sub-Committee shall be a member of the MSGAC and at least one other Committee member is required to sit on each Sub-Committee.  Recruitment and selection of additional Sub-Committee members is at the discretion of the Committee.



New members shall receive an orientation to the practices of the Committee, facilitated by a Recreation & Culture staff member.   Each member shall receive a package consisting of the Sports Tourism Events & Activities Policy, the MSGAC Terms of Reference, evaluation templates, and any other materials that may be deemed pertinent.



Membership on the MSGAC is voluntary and without compensation.  However, members shall be reimbursed for expenses that are a result of carrying out the duties of the Committee provided that such expenditures have received pre-approval at the discretion of the Recreation & Culture Division staff ex-officio member. Such expenses shall be funded through the Recreation & Culture Division or Tourism Division budget.



Any MSGAC member who is absent from three (3) consecutive regular meetings without leave of absence from the Committee or without reason satisfactory to the Committee may be asked to forfeit their membership. MSGAC members may resign at any time with one month’s written notice submitted to Recreation & Culture through the Special Events Developer.




A quorum of one-half plus one members shall be required for carrying out business.


The objective is to reach consensus when possible.  Members of the Committee shall verify their positions through a voting process.  Each Committee member shall be entitled to one vote, with the exception of non-voting ex-officio members. 


Prior to presentation to the Recreation & Culture Division, any decisions and recommendations of the Committee must be adopted by Committee resolution with a majority affirmative vote from members present at that time.


Staff Support

The City shall provide staff support to the Committee as follows: 

a) The ex-officio City staff member(s) of the Committee will facilitate the implementation of the Sports Tourism Events & Activities Policy functioning as Administration liaison to the Committee.

b) Administrative support provided for:

  • completing research of various multi-sport games opportunities
  • preparing agendas in conjunction with the Committee Chair and staff ex-officio member
  • recording and preparing meeting minutes
  • distributing agendas and minutes     
  • receiving and preparing correspondence for the Committee
  • preparing reports on behalf of the Committee in conjunction with the Committee Chair and staff ex-officio member
  • managing the files of the Committee
  • maintaining a list of outstanding issues for Committee action


MSGAC shall not have the authority to assign tasks to designated City staff; however staff will work cooperatively with the MSGAC and assume related duties as directed by the Recreation & Culture Division.

Amendment of Terms of Reference 

These terms of reference shall be reviewed by the Committee as necessary and may be amended at any time by the MSGAC with the endorsement of the Recreation & Culture Division provided that the amendments are limited to implementation process or clarification of intent.


Organizing a not-for-profit event? You can borrow various equipment items from Event Services via appointment.

Note: Borrowers must pick up, drop off and transport the items from Pool 6 - Community Services Administration Building, South end of Prince Arthur's Landing. Please book ahead. We are open for equipment appts., between the hours of 9am to 4pm Monday through Friday.

Email Event Services
 to book items now 

Items Rented for a Fee

  • Sound System - JBL powered Eon Speakers (suitable for making announcements, playing recorded music. Comes with cables, microphone, cordless mic on request) - $10.90 + tax/speaker/day
  • Crowd Control Barriers (steel) - $10.90 + tax/barrier/day
  • Tent Weights - $5.45 + tax/barrier/day
  • Jersey barriers (plastic, water filled) - $10.90 + tax/barrier/day
  • Mobile Stages (Contact Event Services for rates)

Free Items

  • Ballot Box (2)
  • Barricades (wood)
  • Blue Recycling Barrels (5)  
  • Bunting (nylon fabric, colour options: Yellow & Blue and Red & Orange available)
  • Cash Box (3 with tray, 2 without tray)
  • Flags (City, Provincial, Canada and other countries)
  • Flag pole stand (holds 17 flags)
  • Lap Counter (1)
  • Megaphones (4)
  • Microphone Stands (floor) (2)
  • Microphone Stands (table) (3)
  • Portable Voice Amp (1)
  • Pylons - 28" (200)
  • Pylons - 18" (4)
  • Pylons - 10" (54)
  • Sandwich boards for signs, white (18)
  • Score Board (Electronic for baseball)
  • Projection Screens (tripod, old style) (2)
  • Security Vests (60)
  • Signs - Corplast (First Aid, Information, Lost & Found, Registration and more)
  • Signs - Aluminum, with metal tripod stands (Road Closed (4), Road Closed Ahead (4) and Race in Progress (2)
  • Stanchions (43) (Black Short, 16) (Black Tall, 16) (Chrome Short, 5) (Chrome Tall, 6)
  • Stopwatches (4)
  • Tally Counters (16)
  • Tug-of-War Rope (1) (organizer must supply work gloves to participants for protection during use)
  • 2-Way Radios with Chargers, Kenwood (34) Motorola Mag One (4)

Workshops and networking events

"Going for Gold" Sponsorship Training

At the Going for Gold - Sponsorship Workshop you will learn proven techniques to attract and retain sponsorship dollars for your event, festival, sport organization or campaign. Details to come on our next available session.

Project SoundCheck Training for Festival Organizers

Project SoundCheck™ is a sexual assault prevention project first introduced in Ottawa in 2015. Research found that approximately 25% of sexual assault cases in Ottawa in 2013 occurred at large events. The Crime Prevention Council, Sexual Abuse Centre Thunder Bay and the City of Thunder Bay have teamed up to bring Project SoundCheck to our community.  Sexual Abuse Centre Thunder Bay staff are offering Project SoundCheck training for festival and event organizers, board members, staff and volunteers. Interested in a special training session just for your group? Call the Sexual Abuse Centre Thunder Bay at 807-345-0894.

Sport Event Networking Evenings

A Sport Event Networking Evening is held annually. Watch for details for upcoming events.

Thunder Bay Festivals Network Meetings

The Recreation & Culture Division brings together the organizers of Thunder Bay's major festivals once or twice a year to discuss issues and look at ways to collaborate. Next meeting to be announced in Fall 2024.

Event support and services


The Event Development Grant provides funding for groups hosting championships, first-time tournaments and festivals. Bidding expenses are also eligible. The Street Event Grant assists community groups staging sport tourism events taking place on City streets. Contact Event Services to ensure your group's eligibility or to answer any questions.

Event Calendar

List your event in the City's comprehensive listing of sports championships, festivals and other major events. Selected events also appear in other publications.


Recreation & Culture Division staff will meet with your not-for-profit group to provide advice on various aspects of event planning and bid preparation. Call 807-629-7098 for assistance.

Bid Assistance

Considering a bid for a provincial, national or world championship? Email our Tourism Development Officer or call 807-625-3231 for information on how Tourism Thunder Bay can assist.

Recycling Services and Green Events

The City of Thunder Bay, through GFL Environmental will provide events with a portable recycling depot trailer or bins (4 foot square). A total of 10 bins are available at no charge. Contact GFL Environmental at 807-577-0411 to reserve the trailer and/or bins a minimum of two weeks in advance.

If you are booking 5 bins or less through the Special License Application process, please note, you must pick up / drop off the bins at Events Services, Community Services Administration Building, South End of Prince Arthur's Landing. Please book ahead with your Event Services Representative.

NEW: EcoSuperior's Green Events Guide is now available, please call EcoSuperior's ReThinking Waste Coordinator at: 807-624-2142 or email Event Services Reps also have pdf copies. Get one now!

Bus Charters

Thunder Bay Transit offers bus charters/tours within the City of Thunder Bay for groups and special events. It is recommended to make arrangements at least one month in advance.

Planning Guide

Under construction. A Planning Guide specific to planning an event in Thunder Bay will be available soon.

Information Packages for Visitors from outside of town

For welcome bags from Tourism Thunder Bay call 807-625-2305. You will need to book in advance.

Invite the Mayor 

Invite the Mayor to your event using our online request form.


City of Thunder Bay souvenirs are available for purchase at the Office of the City Clerk (3rd Floor - City Hall). Items include: lapel pins, mugs, flags and stickers. Please note: City plates are a presentation item to mark significant milestones and are not available for purchase. Email the Office of the City Clerk or call 807-625-2230 for more details.

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