In February 2005, Thunder Bay City Council approved the Community Partnership Policy. The Policy applies to all partnerships between community groups and the City of Thunder Bay for major capital projects. Major capital projects have an unusual or extraordinary nature, with total projected costs of at least $100,000. 

The maximum contribution by the City of Thunder Bay towards capital projects for City-owned assets is 50 per cent of the eligible capital costs of the project. For projects involving community-owned assets, the maximum contribution is 25 per cent of the eligible capital costs of the project.

The Community Partnership Policy outlines the objectives, principles, eligibility conditions, criteria for assessment, eligible capital costs, requirements for accountability and monitoring and financial reporting and control.

Applications should be submitted to the Corporate Services and Long Term Care Department. The Corporate Services and Long Term Care Department and the City Department with responsibility for the proposed Project evaluate each application for compliance with the Community Partnership Policy requirements. Administration will provide recommendations to City Council prior to the budget year in which the capital project will be undertaken.

Application Deadline for 2021 Funding: 4 pm on Friday, June 19, 2020. 

Email the Community Grants Support Specialist for more information.

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