In February 2005, Thunder Bay City Council approved the Community Partnership Policy. The Policy applies to all partnerships between community groups and the City of Thunder Bay for major capital projects. Major capital projects have an unusual or extraordinary nature, with total projected costs of at least $100,000. 

The maximum contribution by the City of Thunder Bay towards capital projects for City-owned assets is 50 per cent of the eligible capital costs of the project. For projects involving community-owned assets, the maximum contribution is 25 per cent of the eligible capital costs of the project.

The Community Partnership Policy outlines the objectives, principles, eligibility conditions, criteria for assessment, eligible capital costs, requirements for accountability and monitoring and financial reporting and control.

Applications should be submitted to the Corporate Services and Long Term Care Department. The Corporate Services and Long Term Care Department and the City Department with responsibility for the proposed project evaluate each application for compliance with the Community Partnership Policy requirements. Administration will provide recommendations to City Council prior to the budget year in which the capital project will be undertaken.

Application Deadline for 2025 Funding: 11:59 pm on Sunday, July 21, 2024. 

Email the Community Grants Support Team for more information.

Some frequently asked questions about the Community Partnership Grant include:

 Who is eligible for Community Partnership funding?
Not-for-profit community organizations, registered charities, and First Nations as represented by Chief and Council, Tribal Councils, or Indigenous Representative Organizations are welcome to apply for Community Partnership Funding for projects that are within the City of Thunder Bay.
 What projects are eligible for Community Partnership funds? 
Projects eligible for Community Partnership funding are capital projects with a minimum budget of $150,000 that respond to Priority Issues identified in the Community Safety and Well-Being Plan and/or priorities identified in the Corporate Strategic Plan.

These projects are expected to include the development or improvement of facilities that provide public benefits and leverage funding from other sources.

 How much is my organization eligible to apply for?

The Community Partnership Fund is intended to support up to 25% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $500,000. Applicants are welcome to apply for the maximum value their project is eligible for, however grants provided may vary in order to best utilize the Fund and support high value projects.

 What does my organization need to submit when applying?

The Community Partnership application is intended to assess information that your organization likely already has compiled for a planned project, including:
  • A detailed project proposal that demonstrates a link to the objectives outlined in the Community Partnership Policy, provides project timelines, and identifies measurable outcomes.
  • A budget that estimates project costs, ongoing operating costs and proposed funding sources. The projected cost must be determined by a professional independent from the applicant.
  • Letter(s) of support and/or feedback gathered through community consultation.
  • The Applicant’s most recent annual report and/or financial statements.

These can be submitted in PDF format via e-mail to the Community Grants Support Team

 When will my organization be notified of a funding decision?
After the review process, Applicants will receive a confidential notice letter from the Grant Review Team to inform them of the recommendations that will be provided to Council.

Applicants can expect to receive this letter 30 days prior to recommendations being presented to Council. Council will review recommendations and make their funding decision. Applicants will receive a letter detailing the outcome of Council’s decision shortly thereafter.

Typically, these recommendations will be brought to Council in the fourth quarter of the year. Due to the 2022 Municipal Election, it is expected that 2022 application recommendations will not be presented to Council until early 2023.

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