The Anti-Racism & Equity Advisory Committee was established to develop a plan of action to combat racism in the community of Thunder Bay. The Committee will be available to Administration and City Council to provide advice on current policies and practices, diversity and racism, and such new initiatives that might from time to time be developed.


Anti-Racism & Inclusion Accord

On June 19, 2018, representatives from 11 major organizations signed a Thunder Bay Anti-Racism & Inclusion Accord, and announced a Coalition that will commit to establish goals and report on successes by working together to address racism and discrimination in the community. Learn more about the Accord.

Respect - overcoming racism and discrimination

The Anti-Racism & Respect Advisory Committee has partnered with the Thunder Bay Crime Prevention Council to raise awareness in the community that respect. is a human right. These two organizations came together to launch respect. - a grassroots campaign aimed at challenging racism and discrimination issues head on. Learn about respect. and what is happening in our community.

Learn more about our respect. campaign.

Anti-Racism Support & Reporting

Resources have been developed to help if you have experienced or witnessed incidents of racism. Visit our Anti-Racism Support webpage to access resources or report an incident of racism.

One City, Many Voices

The Anti-Racism & Respect Advisory Committee and Diversity Thunder Bay produce a monthly column in the Chronicle Journal to encourage dialogue among residents of the City and surrounding area in order to address some common assumptions or misconceptions. The Committee hopes to promote a greater understanding of race relations in Northwestern Ontario.  Please note that the views and opinions expressed in this column are those of the authors.

One City, Many Voices - recent columns





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