About mayoral powers and duties under the Municipal Act, 2001

Under Part VI.1 of the Municipal Act, 2001, the Mayor has the following special powers and duties as the head of City Council:

  • Appointing and dismissing the Chief Administrative Officer*
  • Hiring and dismissing certain municipal department heads, and establishing and reorganizing departments*
  • Creating committees of Council, assigning their functions and appointing the chairs and vice-chairs*
  • Proposing the municipal budget, which would be subject to Council amendments, a Mayoral veto and a Council override process
  • Vetoing certain by-laws if the Mayor is of the opinion that all or part of the by-law could potentially interfere with a provincial priority
  • Bringing forward matters for Council consideration if the Mayor is of the opinion that considering the matter could potentially advance a provincial priority
  • Directing municipal staff in writing to undertake research, provide advice, or carry out duties related to the Mayoral special powers

*The Mayor may choose to delegate these specific powers and duties.

The Mayor is required to exercise these powers in writing, give notice to the City Clerk, and make decisions and directives available to the public, subject to the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. 

Mayoral decisions and directives to date are available below.

Mayoral decisions made under the Municipal Act, 2001

Date Number      Subject Matter
October 31, 2023 MDEC-01-2023     2024 City Budget - Intention not to exercise power
October 31, 2023 MDEC-02-2023 Delegation of powers regarding City Manager
October 31, 2023 MDEC-03-2023 Delegation of powers relative to employment matters and organizational structure

Mayoral decisions about by-laws
Date NumberSubject Matter
April 15, 2024 MDEC-08-2024 By-laws Passed at April 15, 2024 City Council (Public Meeting)
April 8, 2024 MDEC-07-2024 By-laws Passed at April 8, 2024 City Council
March 11, 2024 MDEC-03-2024 By-laws Passed at March 11, 2024 City Council
February 26, 2024 MDEC-03-2024 By-laws Passed at February 26, 2024 City Council (Public Meeting)
February 12, 2024 MDEC-02-2024 By-laws Passed at February 12, 2024 City Council Meeting
January 8, 2024 MDEC-01-2024 By-laws Passed at January 8, 2024 City Council Meeting
November 27,  2023              MDEC-04-2023 By-laws Passed at November 27, 2023 City Council Meeting                                                                                    
December 11, 2023 MDEC-05-2023

By-laws Passed at December 11, 2023 City Council Meeting

December 18, 2023 MDEC-06-2023

By-laws Passed at December 18, 2023 City Council Meeting

December 18, 2023 MDEC-07-2023

By-laws Passed at December 18, 2023 City Council Meeting

Mayoral directives to City employees 

DateNumberSubject Matter
October 31, 2023 MDIR-01-2023        Direction to City Manager and City Treasurer to prepare the 2024 budget                                     

Legislative framework

Bill 3, the Strong Mayors, Building Homes Act, 2022, received Royal Assent on September 8, 2022, and came into force on November 23, 2022, which provided special powers and duties to the Mayors of the City of Toronto and the City of Ottawa. This legislation and associated regulations (O. Reg. 530/22 and O. Reg 580/22) provide certain Mayors with additional powers beyond those previously set out in the Municipal Act, 2001

On June 16, 2023, the Ontario Government announced that the mayoral special powers and duties, as outlined in the Municipal Act, 2001, would be expanded to Mayors in 26 municipalities, effective July 1, 2023.

At the Association for Municipalities of Ontario conference in August 2023, Premier Ford announced that 21 additional municipalities, including the City of Thunder Bay, will be given Strong Mayor powers if their Mayors (or heads of council) commit in writing, by October 15, 2023, to meet their provincially assigned housing target. 

On September 21, 2023 Mayor Ken Boshcoff officially confirmed the City of Thunder Bay’s assigned housing target of 2,200 homes by 2031. 

Strong Mayor powers were assigned to Thunder Bay's Mayor on October 31, 2023 by O. Reg 530/22.


The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act requires the Mayor to disclose any pecuniary interest when exercising any of the powers or duties assigned the head of Council under Part VI.1 of the Municipal Act, 2001. The Mayor shall disclose the interest by filing a written statement of interest, along with its general nature, to the City Clerk. The Mayor shall not use the power or exercise the duty with respect to the matter and not use their office to attempt to influence a decision that results from consideration of the matter.

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