With around 56 total kilometres of multi-use trails, Thunder Bay is developing a great network to help people get around the city in an active way. If you want help figuring out where to start or are just curious where some of these trails are, we have a trail map to help get you on your way.

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Below are some common questions that people have about our multi-use trails.

Who can use multi-use trails?

The trails are for all people-powered transportation. This means people walking, jogging, cycling, roller blading, skateboarding, and who use mobility assistive devices.

What are the basic rules of using trails?

  • Don't litter!
  • Be aware of other trail users and respect their right to use the trails.
  • Obey all traffic laws, posted signs, and signals.
  • Walk, run, ride, or roll in a safe, consistent, and predictable manner.
  • Don't block the trail.
  • Cyclists and in-line skaters must yield to pedestrians.
  • Keep on the right-hand side of the trail except when passing.
  • Please keep pets on a leash and remember to clean up after them.

Do I need to have a bell on my bike?

Yes! The Highway Traffic Act states that every motor vehicle, motor assisted bicycle and bicycle shall be equipped with an alarm, bell, gong or horn to be kept in good working order and sounded whenever reasonably necessary to notify pedestrians or other users of their approach

Can I drive my car on a trail?

No motorized vehicles, except wheelchairs, and maintenance or emergency vehicles, are allowed on multi-use trails.

Are e-bikes allowed on trails?

No they are not. Traffic by-law 40/2016 section 34(3) prohibits the use of non-muscular powered vehicles on multi-use trails.

How fast can I travel on the trails?

For the safety and comfort of other trail users, the City recommends a maximum speed of 25km/h. Please be mindful of your speed and others on the trail.

Longest trail

For a 10.5 km trip, connect the paved trails that run from the corner of John Street to Junot Avenue to the corner of Arthur Street and Riverview Drive (beside the Best Western Hotel on Arthur Street).

Most popular trail

While all the trails are popular, the most popular one is the 5 kilometre loop around Boulevard Lake. With both woodland and lake views combined with a popular distance we have many people enjoying the loop all year long.

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