Walking has been called the activity of a lifetime because it's something that we can do our whole life. As an activity, walking is good for the body, good for the mind, and your community. Having people walking around can make a place feel more alive and vibrant, while also helping to make neighbourhoods safer.

Why a walkable community?

There are numerous benefits of a walkable community, which can impact communities socially and economically.

Walkability committee

The Walkability Committee is a working group of EarthCare Thunder Bay. The committee brings together community partners, community members, and City staff to help Thunder Bay be a walk-friendly place to live. 

Walkable Thunder Bay

Walking is the most popular physical activity in Canada for many reasons. It's low-impact, affordable, and reduces stress. There are many ways to support a more walkable Thunder Bay, with many resources being available regarding walks, events, fitness, and education.

Walking tours and events

Being a community with a long and rich history, Thunder Bay has dozens of beautiful heritage and historic homes with a landscape hosting dozens of notable trees. The Heritage Advisory Committee offers walking tours for you to learn more about the area while being physically active.

If you're interested in what's happening, such as walking events in our community, the Community Events Calendar Walks and Runs is a great resource to keep tabs on.


With more than 56km of multi-use trails, Thunder Bay has many beautiful ways to not only commute, but engage in life-long recreation.


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