Get fit, healthy, and save money by walking, cycling, and other active modes. You will also be cutting down on your Greenhouse Gas Emissions and doing your part to reduce global climate change.

The City is a strong supporter of active transportation and aims to make it easier for you to get around.

New projects

Vickers-Carrick multi-use bridge

With financial help from the Province of Ontario's Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling fund, the City is beginning the design process for a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge that crosses the McIntyre Floodway. This Vickers-Carrick bridge project is being designed to connect Vickers St. S. and Carrick St.

McIntyre River multi-use bridge

The Province of Ontario is providing financial assistance to the City of Thunder Bay to build a new multi-use bridge through the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program (OMCIP). The new bridge will cross over the McIntyre River at Confederation College and will be located near the current Nakina Drive Bridge.

The McIntyre River Multi-Use Bridge will make it safer and more comfortable for people walking and biking, as the bridge is wider and away from car and bus traffic. 


The City is also working on a new Wayfinding Plan! This new plan aims to create a wayfinding signage system that directs people to primary destinations. An active transportation wayfinding portion is also being planned to help pedestrians, cyclists, and other active modes to navigate the city. Elements of wayfinding include: making maps, street signs, trail signs, and other information easier to access.

New Active Transportation Plan

The City is making a new Active Transportation Plan to meet the needs of our community and now and in the future. Take a look at the whole project, including the new Transportation Master Plan. 

Bike racks for businesses

The City runs the Bike Racks for Business Program, which helps businesses and employers et bike racks! It also helps citizens request a bike rack where it is needed.

Programs to get you moving

The City and its partner organizations run many fun programs to get active. They can net you prizes, new skills, and special event bike parking.

Looking for a map?

We have developed a multi-use trails map for all the bike lanes and multi-use trails in Thunder Bay to help you get started with active transportation.

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