The Active Transportation Network Bike Paths are open from approximately May 1 (after street sweeping in each zone) to Nov. 15, each year, while the majority of the trails are plowed through the winter. Please be mindful of your surroundings and the weather conditions when continuing to be active in transportation!

Active Transportation is a great way to build a healthy, active and vibrant community with benefits ranging from increased fitness and heath to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions - saving at the pump is also quite nice!

Vickers-Carrick multi-use bridge

With financial help from the Province of Ontario's Ontario Municipal Commuter Cycling fund, the City is beginning the design process for a new pedestrian and cyclist bridge that crosses the McIntyre Floodway. This Vickers-Carrick bridge project is being designed to connect Vickers St. S. and Carrick St.

McIntyre River multi-use bridge

With financial assistance provided by the Province of Ontario through the Ontario Municipal Cycling Infrastructure Program (OMCIP), the City of Thunder Bay was able to build a new multi-use bridge at Confederation College. The new bridge will crosses over the McIntyre River at Confederation College, near the current Nakina Drive Bridge.

The McIntyre River Multi-Use Bridge makes it safer and more comfortable for people walking and biking, as the bridge is wider and away from car and bus traffic. 


The City is also working on the Wayfinding Plan, with the goal of creating wayfinding signage system that directs people to primary destinations. An active transportation wayfinding portion is also being implemented to help pedestrians, cyclists, and other active modes to navigate the city. Elements of wayfinding include: making maps, street signs, trail signs, and other information easier to access.

Active Transportation Plan (ATP)

In 2019, the City has approved and published the updated Active Transportation Plan to help meet the needs of our community, both now and in the future. The ATP outlines objectives and information to support a growing mobility network through the Priority Networks, which have a goal of implementation by 2038. 

Bike racks for businesses

The Bike Racks for Business program is presently unavailable as the program is undergoing an update to better serve the needs of active transportation users. Stay tuned for a relaunch of the program.

Programs to get you moving

There are many fun programs to get active in the community along with numerous resources available to help remove barriers to participation. These programs have many benefits from being eligible for prizes to acquiring new skills. 

Looking for a map?

We have developed a multi-use trails map for all the bike lanes and multi-use trails in Thunder Bay to help you get started with active transportation.

Pedestrian Crossing Safety

Crossing signals are made of different phases, the EcoSuperior Eco-Tip video below does a great job explaining what they mean and how to use pedestrian crossings safely. You can also visit the Crossover Ready website for some great information on these types of crossings. 


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