The 2024 Capital Project season is underway. Click the map image to open a larger view of this seasons' projects or view the list below.

Click here for more details on infrastructure projects that are expected to impact traffic in the month of June.

Asphalt Surface Rehabilitation

  • Arthur Street W - Mountdale Ave to James St
  • Darrel Avenue - City Rd to Sawmill (convert to gravel)
  • Edward Street - Riverview Dr to Victoria Ave
  • Harbour Expressway - Fort William Rd to Memorial Ave
  • Mapleward Road - Landfill to Oliver Rd
  • Onion Lake Road - North 1.3 km section
 Partial Reconstruction, Resurfacing & Streetlighting
  •  Wasco Drive
 Residential Resurfacing
  • Freeman Drive - Almira Ave to Perozak St
  • Frontenac Bay - James St to Victoria Ave
  • Isabella Street - Ford St to Grey St
  • Oxford Street - Oliver Rd to dead end
  • Summit Avenue - Cornwall Ave to John St
  • Whitney Street - High St to Summit Ave
 Railway Crossings
  •  Fairview Avenue - CP Railway
 Rural Road Grading & Drainage
  • Alice Avenue - Dawson Rd to Melbourne Rd
Miscellaneous Paving
  • Algoma Street - Dawson Rd to Red River Rd
  • Arundel Street - Parkwood St to Current Ave; Grenville Ave to Leslie Ave; east of Hodder Ave
  • Carrick Street - Harbour Expressway to Hewitson St
  • East Avenue - near London Dr
  • Fort William Road - Main St to Mooney Ave; at Central Ave; Quality Carpet to Main St
  • Hewitson Street - I80 Gold Corp to Roland St; Apple Storage to Kuboto near stop sign at Carrick St
  • Inchiquin Street - intersection with Ontario St
  • John Street - intersection with Clarkson St
  • Mountdale Avenue - Donald St to Victoria Ave
  • Ontario Street - Inchiquin St to #224
  • Pool 6 - Cruise Ship Access Road
  • Prince Arthur's Landing - Pumping Station Parking Lot
  • Red River Road - North of Algoma St.


Sidewalks and Pedestrians Crossings

 Sidewalk Replacement
  • Arthur Street W. (S/S) - James St S to Mountdale Ave
  • County Boulevard (W/S) - House #241 to Perth Cres
  • Donald St E (N/S) - Edward St to Oakwood St
  • Elm Street (E/S) - House #113 to Cottonwood Dr
  • Junot Avenue (B/S) - Red River Rd to Stardust Cres
  • Redwodd Avenue (N/S) - University Dr to Sherbrooke St
  • Valleywood Crescent (B/S) - Fassina St to House #536
 New sidewalk
  • Frederica Street W (N/S) - Home Ave to James St
  • Gordon Ave (N/S) - Balsam St to High St
  • Leland Avenue S (W/S) - Victoria Ave W to Donald St
  • Toledo Street (W/S) - Superior Ave to Huron St
 Pedestrian Crossings
  • Junot Avenue N at Melon Street
  • Valley Street at Hutton Park Drive
  • Walsh Street at Tarbutt Street S
  • Melon Street Ramp
  • 31 Bus Pads


Sewer & Watermains

Full Reconstruction

  • Current Avenue
  • Current Bay
  • Dease Street - May St to Simpson St
Watermain & Resurfacing, Streetlighting & Sanitary Replacement
  •  Simpson Street - Roward St to Dease St
Watermain & Resurfacing
  • Richard Street - Dewe St to dead end
Watermain & Sanitary Replacement
  •  College Street - Hebert St to Van Norman St
Watermain & Streetlighting
  •  Poplar Avenue

Watermain, Resurfacing & PPCP

  • Balmoral Street - Miles St to Victoria Ave

Asphalt Rehabilitation & Intersection Improvements

 Resurfacing and Multi-Use Trail
  •  Balmoral Street - Cameron St to Floodway
 Intersection Improvements
  •  City Road and James Street
 Watermain Looping
  •  Dease Street to Conservatory 


  • Pool 6

Cement Mortar Lining

  • Chilton Avenue
  • Confederation Drive
  • Morgan Avenue
  • Ottawa Street
  • Sifton Avenue
  • Terminal Street
  • Willard Avenue

Storm Separation

  • Banning Street - mid-block laneway to Cornwall Ave
  • Front Street - Egan St to Angus St
  • John Street - John St and McBean St
  • Prospect Avenue - Hebert St to Van Norman St
 Retire Regulating Manhole
  •  Victoria Ave and Hardistry Street

Hot-in Place Asphalt

  • Arthur Street W - #2176 to overpass
  • Empire Avenue - Kingsway Ave & Sprague St
  • John Street Road - #1820 to Community Hall Rd

Edward Girder Reuse Pedestrian Bridges

  • George Burke Park Pedestrian Bridge
  • Riverside Pedestrian Bridge

Burwood Road Sanitary Sewer

 Sanitary Sewer, Watermain & 130m of Road Opening
  • Burwood Road - Central Ave to 130m North of Oliver Rd
 Drainage Improvements
  • Central Avenue (N/S) - Burwood Road to Golf Links Rd


  • Traffic Signal Rebuild - Memorial Avenue & John Street
  • Surface Treatment - Alice Avenue

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