Helping you get around actively is important to the City of Thunder Bay and similarly to cars, bikes also greatly benefit from designated parking.

Thunder Bay bike parking guidelines

We have created guidelines on bike parking, with the aim of helping cyclists and facilities understand how to create an environment suitable to keeping bikes secure and make cycling a more accessible activity.

Bike racks for business program

The Bike Racks for Business program is presently unavailable as the program is undergoing an update to better serve the needs of active transportation users. Stay tuned for a relaunch of the program.

Bike rack standards and recommended bike racks

While the Bike Racks for Business program is being updated, please see some options for bike rack vendors that may suit your needs:

Urban Racks


Classic Displays

ABC Recreation

Habitat Systems

Bike parking calculator

Want to know how many bike racks you need or should have? The City has developed an online tool to help you calculate the right number of short-term spaces and long-term spaces for bikes.
Bike Parking Calculator

For more information on Bike Parking, Bike Racks and more contact the City of Thunder Bay's Active Transportation Coordinator.


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