Helping you get around actively is important to the City of Thunder Bay. Just like driving a car, you need a place to park your bike.

Thunder Bay bike parking guidelines

Bad bike racks leave your bike easy to steal and they can even damage your bike. To help you better understand how to make wise choices in bike parking, view our guidelines on bike parking that answers all the questions you might have.

Recommended bike racks

There are a lot of bike racks out there. It can be confusing to find the right one that meets City standards. We've made it easy with the recommended bike rack manufacturers.

Bike rack standards

The City has standards for different kinds of bike racks:

Bike racks for business program

The City offers the service of the Bike Racks for Business program. This program helps businesses and employers get good bike parking. Check out our Bike Racks for Business poster.

Through this program, we offer:

  • Free site visit and consultation
  • Bike racks at a big discount
  • Installation advice 
  • Promoting your new rack

Past racks

Here are pictures of bike racks that we have offered in the past.

Bike parking calculator

Want to know how many bike racks you need or should have? The City has developed an online tool to help you calculate the right number of short-term spaces and long-term spaces for bikes.

Bike Parking Calculator

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