Urban design is both visual and practical. People are more likely to visit a site, a neighbourhood, or a city if it looks good and functions well. Using best urban design practices ensures this. Good design can help make people happier and calmer. Well-designed sites maintain their value and increase values in their area.

The vision for Thunder Bay is a city that is attractive, accessible, walkable, and resilient. To achieve this, we must use urban design best practices. The City of Thunder Bay has two documents that guide the design of private and public lands. These are the Urban Design Guidelines and the Image Route Guidelines.

Urban Design Guidelines

If you are applying for a planning approval, your drawings should follow these Urban Design Guidelines (29 MB). Planning Services staff will often use them to review the merits of a proposal.

Sample Landscape Strips 

Do you need to include a landscaped open space strip in your development project? If so, take a look at our Sample Landscape Strips. 

This document includes planting designs that make it easy for you to meet the City’s landscape strip requirements and enhance your property. The intent of these planting designs is to improve both the quantity and quality of landscaping along City streets and sidewalks and within private lands.

Image Route Guidelines

These Image Route Guidelines identify key streets in our city called Image Routes. The document describes ways that we can enhance these routes. It also contains a vision for each of the routes:

If you require a PDF in an accessible format, email our Municipal Accessibility Specialist.

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