A metal sculpture in front of a blue sky with water behind

Title:  Animikii - Flies the Thunder
Image Type:  Photograph
Constructed:  1992
Sculptors:  Anne Allardyce
Materials Used:  Stainless steel, rock/stone, concrete, black granite
Dimensions:  22’ (6.70 m) x 12’ (3.65 m) diameter and 15’ (4.57 m) diameter pedestal
Image Description:  This is a representation of "Animikii," pronounced uh-nih-mih-kee. The main portion of the sculpture is a thunderbird with outstretched reflective wings. One of the inspirations for the sculpture and pedestal was the pre-industrial Kaministiquia River. The sculpture helps emphasize the revitalization of the waterway.
Physical Location:  Kaministiquia River Heritage Park
Reference:  City of Thunder Bay - Culture & Heritage

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