Around the world, many countries were facing bomb threats by both civilian and terrorist organizations, particularly beginning in the 1970s. Thunder Bay Emergency Organization decided to spearhead the issue and place Thunder Bay on the defensive.

 An introduction to the E.M.O. bomb threat plan reads: “Because changes in our society have brought about incidents of bomb threats, [a] pamphlet has been prepared to assist in the formulation of a plan in the event of a bomb threat.” This plan was to assist and maintain the security of all Thunder Bay civilians under the threat of a timed explosive device.

To combat the dangers presented by bomb threats, Thunder Bay E.M.O. published procedures (tailored to different organizations) for evacuation, the search for the device, and more. These standard procedures have changed remarkably little in intervening years. (For example, guidelines for collecting information from the caller when a bomb threat is made remain the same today.)

An orange poster with bold wording that says bomb threat Bomb Threat Procedure

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