This Annual Report from 1967 was written by one of the year's two head supervisors, Linda McGonigal. She summarizes the results of that summer's Fort William Supervised Playgrounds Program and makes recommendations for the next year.

A typed document showcasing the front page of the 1967 annual parks report

Fort William Board of Parks & Recreation
Supervised Playgrounds Program
1967 Annual Report
Respectfully Submitted
Linda McGonigal
Head Supervisor

A typed page detailing the 1967 annual parks report

Head Supervisors: Linda McGonigal, Janice Sewell

The Playground Program for the summer of 1967 was a success. On the whole the Program ran smoothly, and no real problems developed. At the first Supervisor's meeting each Supervisor was given an Administration Manual outlining all her responsibilities and containing a skeleton outline of the city-wide program for the months of July and August. This Manual is useful, and should be given out each year if possible.


The attendance on most playgrounds this summer was definitely lower than that of last year, due to a definite decline in the temperature. We adopted a new attendance sheet from a Manual from the Edmonton Parks and Recreation Department. We thought a closer check on attendance could be made by utilizing this form but it proved too confusing to be of any value. However, on the back of this sheet, space was provided for the comments and criticisms of the Supervisors. It would be more beneficial if the old attendance sheets were used with this "comment section" added.

Athletic Activities:


Tarbutt Park was victorious this year in both junior and senior divisions. This year there was no Sports Director, as such, and I feel this part of the program suffered because of it. With two Head Supervisors in charge of all phases of the program, all areas were covered to some extent, but special attention could not be given to any one part of the program. 

A typed page detailing the 1967 annual parks report


  • Gymnastics were not taught this summer since neither Janice nor myself felt qualified enough to undertake such a program. From general comments made by the children on the playgrounds this part of the Athletic program was missed by them. If a Sports Director is employed next year, I suggest that when we are purchasing Sports Equipment for the next summer session that we look into the prospect of purchasing our own gymnastic mat.


  • We looked into the possibility of holding a Bowling Tournament this summer, but the best offer we got was from Galaxy Lanes, Arthur Street, at 25c per line. On investigating, this was too much money for the majority of children on the parks.


  • Volleyball seemed to catch on better this summer than it has for the past few years. Most Playgrounds were able to organize teams and very few games were defaulted. Vickers Parks were the city Champions again this year.


  • Basketball was started too late in the season this year. It was scheduled for the second week in August, and by this time of the summer interest in organized sports is at a very low ebb.

Track & Field:

  • Track & Field was to be taught on the Playgrounds this summer by Dave Sherlock. His schedule however, became very busy and he was unable to get to the Playgrounds as much as he would have liked. 

A typed document detailing the 1967 annual parks report

Olympic Day:

Play Day was held at Chapples Stadium again this year. It was quite successful, but like almost everything, could be improved. Last year, the Play Day was quite successful, but the only children who really got a chance to participate, were those who were in the Race of the Nations, which this year became the Race of the Provinces, with a few minor alterations. To make sure that everyone who wanted to participate got the chance, we added a second part to the active part of the program, which consisted of ten different activities involving some twenty different teams. This gives everyone a chance to participate, and I think it should be retained in any future events of this type. The mass peanut hunt was a great success and was enjoyed by everyone.

This year we approached the Lakehead Retail Merchants for prizes for the Play Day. They were very co-operative and supplied some lovely gifts. If this is done again I would suggest it only be done once during the playground season. Those who found marked Ping Pong balls during the peanut hunt were awarded gifts. It was stipulated that only one Ping Pong ball per person would be honoured. The parks that won the peanut hunt and the Race of the Provinces, were given A&W Root-Beer tickets.

In general, I think this is a very good event, and should be incorporated into the program next year. 

A typed document detailing the 1967 annual report

City-Wide Events (cont'd)

Pineapple Festival:

  • A Pineapple Festival was scheduled for July 27th, but had to be cancelled because of the early opening of the Canadian Lakehead Exhibition (July 21). We had intended to reschedule it for a later date, but after a conversation with Lynn Sakamoto (previously with our department for 7 years) we decided it was not a good enough event to be prepared on the city-wide scale. Lynn suggested replacing it with a Folk Festival involving the Nations of the Globe etc. This was planned and scheduled for August 24th.  

Indian Night:

  • The Annual Indian Night was held at Chapples Stadium on Friday, August 11th. Our narrator for this year was Mr Ron Knight, a city alderman and announcer with C.J.L.X. He did an excellent job. The entire evening ran very smoothly.
  • Despite advance publicity in the press and on the radio, the number of parents who attended this was very disappointing.
  • The totem poles this year were excellent. Wayland placed first in the competition, Vickers second, and Minnesota third. A dance competition was also held, and Wayland placed first in this event too.
  • The evening was concluded by a giant Marshmallow Roast. Indian Night without a doubt is by far the Children's favourite of all the city-wide events. It should definitely be included in next year's program.

A typed paper detailing the 1967 annual parks report

City-Wide Events (cont'd)

Drama & Variety Night:

  • This year's Drama and Variety Night was a great success. It was held Thursday, August 17th in the Fort William Collegiate auditorium. The master of ceremonies for the evening was John Morris, who dressed as a clown. The children enjoyed his antics very much.
  • I think the greatest improvement over last year's Drama Event was the number of parents and other interested citizens who attended. This, I feel, was due to the fact that tickets were printed and sold door to door by the children. Although the press and radio stations were notified about the event, I think the door to door selling was our most important and effective means of making the public aware of this evening. I strongly advise that the same procedure be followed next year.
  • This event gives the children an opportunity to put their individual or combined talent to work. It is a very good event and I would advise next year's Head Supervisor to make provision for such an event.
  • Proceeds, which amounted to $70.00, were donated to a charitable organization.

Fort William Supervised Playgrounds
Drama and Variety Night
Collegiate Auditorium
Thursday, August 17, 6:30 pm
Adults 25c
Children 10c
All proceeds to charity  

A typed document detailing the 1967 annual parks report

Chippewa Picnic:

  • The annual wind-up picnic for Supervised Playgrounds was held at Chippewa, Tuesday, August 29.
  • Attendance (980) was up some 200 children from the previous year. Each child received a pop, an ice-cream and a ride ticket.
  • Free time was allotted to allow the children to use the swimming facilities and amusement areas. I feel the far dock, on the break water and the pier should be restricted at the picnic. The children have a fascination with running on the slippery docks and rocks and serious injury could result.
  • This year we also received a complaint from an irate parent about the children being allowed to use the pin ball machines in the pavilion. It would be advisable if a method of restricting their use at this picnic could be developed. 

A typed document detailing the 1967 annual parks report


  • I don't feel that enough work was done on the few forms the Supervisors were required to fill out this year. I suggest that we return to the old forms and have them handed in weekly:
  • Weekly Program
  • Special Events Report
  • Craft Report
  • Games Report


  • I was satisfied with the equipment that was ordered this year and its distribution. I would suggest that Yukie be approached for equipment boxes again for next year.

Program In General:

  • I would like to thank both Mr. McCormack and Miss Donna Gilhooly for placing enough faith in me to have given me the chance to Head the supervised playgrounds in the city this summer.
  • I enjoyed this summer very much and especially working with Janice. I feel we got along very well, and in turn I think this played a very important part of maintaining a good relationship with the supervisors on the individual parks. (cont'd) 

A typed document detailing the 1967 annual parks report

Program in General (Cont'd):

  • The new system adopted this year of having two Head Supervisors, I think was worth the experiment. I do, however, feel that it would be of far more benefit to return to the one Head Supervisor, one Sports Director and a Craft Specialist. This would allow each of them to concentrate on one area of the program and to develop it fully.
  • In closing I would like to say that I have enjoyed my three years with the Fort William Board of Parks and Recreation very much and I have many people to thank for making them three happy years. It has been a very important growing experience in my life and I can assure you whole-heartedly that I have come away a person far more aware of the world around me.

Linda McGonigal

 Title: Supervised Playgrounds Program - 1967 Annual Report
Date: 1967
Creator: Linda McGonigal, Fort William Parks and Recreation Department
Series: 121, Fort William Parks & Recreation Files
Location: TBA 4802-10


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