A handdrawn map of a potential playground with footpaths and shrubs

Title: Victoria Park
Date: ca. 1927-1965
Creator: [Unknown]
Description: Victoria Park is bounded by Sills Street, Tarbutt St, Lillie St, and a school site. The map shows areas set out for various sporting and playing activities.
Series: 121
Location: M0026 Item#32


map showing proposed facilities at Minnesota Park

Title: Potential Use of Land and Multi-Purpose Dressing Rooms - Minnesota Park Development
Date: January 1962
Creator: H.M.T.
Description: The map shows proposed facilities at Minnesota Park - a pool, playground equipment area, rinks, basketball court, and dressing rooms.  
Series: 121
Location: M0026, Item#14

map showing various pieces of playground equipment.

Title: Playground Equipment - Fort William Park Development 
Date: December 1969
Creator: Playground Corporation of America
Description: The map shows various pieces of playground equipment. It also indicates the appropriate age groups and costs associated for each piece of equipment.  
Series: 121
Location: M0026, Item#33


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