The Marina/Waterfront Park Study was conducted by the Department of Parks and Recreation to gain insight into the needs and opinions of users of the Waterfront facilities, particularly which improvements they would prefer to see made to the facilities.

The survey was conducted in July and August of 1983, as part of a larger Study of the Marina and Waterfront. Surveyors asked 28 questions to users of the Welcomeship (a local tour boat), the Marina and Dock, the Public Launch Ramp, and the general park space. A total of 965 people took the survey, including Thunder Bay residents and non-residents of varying sex, age, and marital status, income, and ward of residence.

The study, in keeping with the tradition of developing the Waterfront, was dually focused on the Marina as piers, docks, and boat areas and as green areas, playgrounds, and boardwalks.

The public's feedback gave the Parks and Recreation Department a comprehensive and detailed view of the features at the Marina that were heavily used, and which needed improvement. Through this study, the City took a proactive stance and brought development issues to the public.

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