Mayor Peterson sitting in front of a gray background wearing a suit and large necklaceLynn Peterson, born and raised in Thunder Bay, has spent more than twenty years in public service. Prior to her election to City Council as a Councillor at Large (2001-2003), she also served four terms (1988-2000) on the Lakehead Public School Board including three years as Chair. Her two terms as Mayor (2003-2010)   are remembered for an emphasis on economic development and diversification.

Peterson was a leader in incorporating the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission (CEDC) in 2006. Her work through the CEDC and as Mayor helped to secure contracts for Thunder Bay's Bombardier plant and the City's lead investment in the Thunder Bay Regional Research Institute, a boost for the growing knowledge-based sector.

During Peterson's tenure as Mayor, Thunder Bay instituted its first Strategic Plans. The Mayor's Task Force on Civic Pride evolved, in early 2007, into a Clean, Green and Beautiful policy to improve the City's appearance through public art, beautification and environmental greening. Peterson was also actively involved in the Waterfront Development Committee since its founding in 2005. 

Peterson served as President on a number of local, regional and provincial committees including the Ontario Public School Boards Association (1996 & 1997), the Thunder Bay District Municipal League (2002), and the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association (2003). She was elected to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario Board of Directors and served from 2002 to 2010. 

Born: October 18, 1950

Councillor: 2001-2003

Mayor: 2003-2010


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Next Mayor: Mayor Keith Hobbs


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