This page includes promotional materials -- brochures and posters -- from different years of the Playgrounds programme. Not only the sites and hours but the activities offered and the way the programme is described change over the years.

This 1964 brochure from the Fort William Board of Parks and Recreation lists many planned summer events, including but not limited to the Playgrounds program.

A beige pamhplet with typed writing and holes at the top

[This folding brochure is transcribed in the order it was meant to be read; not in the order it appears while reading left-to-right]

[Panel 1:]


Summer Parks and Recreation


Provided by the

Fort William

Board of Parks and  Recreation

Playgrounds, pools, cultural, physical, & social activities.

[Panel 2:]

Chapples Recreation Centre

The late C.E. Chapple, envisioning the future growth of our city, and realizing the need of adequate Parks and Recreation areas, donated the sum of $25,000 towards the development of the Chapple Centre that has an area of two hundred and ninety-seven acres.

The Master Plan for the area, which was recently adopted by the Fort William Board of Parks and Recreation calls for development of an integrated park-recreational area catering to the needs of all age groups.

Included would be such facilities as a swimming pool, bath house, parking areas, small lake, foot ball field, hockey rinks, tot lot, train ride, picnic areas, 18 hole golf course, cultural centre, recreation facilities for senior citizens, and park areas throughout.

At present a 9 hole golf course is providing excellent recreational activities. The members club provides tournaments, twilight meets, and special entertainment for the members. This year the Tot Lot will be opened providing all the events listed on the Playground Section of this pamphlet.

The stadium, which was officially opened in 1960 includes one regulation size football field and one regulation size hardball diamond. It holds 4,000. The stadium caters to High School football, junior, juvenile and senior hardball, Intermediate football and senior soccer plus other events.

It was decided by the Centennial Committee that Fort William's project for the Centennial would be the Conservatory to be built at Chapples Centre. Until this building is erected, the Fort William Parks Board Greenhouse is located on Arthur Street opposite Vickers Park and is open to the public for viewing.

[Panel 3:]

Special Events:

Children's Golf Lessons: Golf Instructions will be given to youngsters under 14 years of age. If you wish to learn, contact the Fort William Board of Parks and Recreation. Participants must furnish their own equipment.

Band Parades: The Fort William City Band under the direction of Mr. S. Shuttleworth and the Fort William Pipe Band under the direction of Mr. A. MacDonald will parade through the streets during the summer time.

Organized Sports:

Tennis: 4 courts, night-lighted, open every day.

Softball: 3 leagues; Senior Fastball at Chapples Centre, Intermediate at the City's Playgrounds, and the Commercial League at Green Acres, play nightly throughout the summer. The women's Softball league plays nightly at Chapples.

Baseball: Junior, Juvenile, at the City's playgrounds, Seniors play at the Fort William Stadium nightly.

Little League: Moose Little League, 4 diamonds at Chapples; Canadian Legion Little League, International at St. Martins, National at Chapples, Americans at Minnesota.

Soccer: St. Martins, Junior and Senior twice a week.

Kinloch Highland Gathering: The Annual Kinloch Highland Gathering will be held on July 25th in the Fort William Stadium this year. It will include games, dancing, and music competitions.

Fort William International Fastball Tournament: August 1st and 2nd. Grand prize of $1000.

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[Panel 1:]


  • East End: Pacific & McBain Streets
  • Minnesota: Minnesota & St. Paul Streets
  • Dease: Dease & Vickers Streets
  • Chapples Tot Lot: Chapples Recreation Centre
  • Vickers: Arthur & Selkirk Streets
  • Tarbutt: Brock & Tarbutt Streets
  • Heath: Brock & Heath Streets
  • Wayland: Euclid Avenue
  • Green Acres: Green Acres School
  • McGregor Tot Lot: McGregor & Lillie Streets

Chapples Tot Lot is a new playground this year.

Playground activities:

  • Nature study, picnics, swings, slides, wading pools, crafts, low organized games, dancing, puppet shows, table games, drama, story hours, exhibits, parties, plays, track and field events, horseshoes, checkers, ring toss, ping pong, softball, basketball, volleyball, variety shows, elections, etc.

Weekly Special Events:

  • Election Week
  • Exhibition Week
  • Puppet Week
  • Variety Show Week
  • Drama and Dance Week
  • Tournament Week
  • Indian Week
  • Farewell Week

Inter-Playground Competitions:

  • Softball, basketball, volleyball, tournaments, track and field.


  • Monday through Friday: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Saturdays: 9 am to 6 pm

Playgrounds open on Wednesday, July 1st and close on Friday, August 31st.  

[Panel 2:]


  • Widnall Pool: Minnesota & Pacific Streets
  • Dease Pool: Dease & Vickers Streets
  • Heath Pool: Heath & Brock Streets

Swimming Classes:

  • Daily sessions with separate classes for beginners, juniors, intermediates, and seniors will be held at all three pools in the mornings. Life Saving classes will also be held. Awards will be given to those who complete the courses.

Adult Swimming:

  • Every Thursday evening will be set aside for adult swimming at the three pools.

Special Events:

  • Races, Diving Displays, Water Shows.

The Annual Northern Ontario Swim Meet will be held in August at Widnall Pool. Entries are free all over the Thunder Bay District. Trophies are presented to the winners in the events.

Each pool is staffed by 5 qualified instructors.

Pool Facilities:

  • All pools have a filtration system, and fresh, clean water every minute of the day. The average temperature at the pools is 72 degrees.


  • Monday through Saturday: 9 am to 9 pm
  • Sundays and Holidays: 1 pm to 5 pm

Pools open on Friday, June 26th and close on Monday, September 7th.

[Panel 3:]

Chippewa Park:

  • Chippewa Park is Fort William's natural playground. It is located on the shores of Lake Superior, seven miles from City Hall and has an area of 300 acres.

Amusement Facilities:

  • Rides: Merry-go-round, boat swing, train.
  • Swimming: Full time lifeguard, modern dressing rooms and washrooms. 
  • Boating: Row boats are available for rent.
  • Play areas: Sandy beach area, ideal for small children, jungle gym, swings, teeter totters, sand boxes, etc.
  • Picnic areas: Ideal for large groups, ball diamonds, booths, tables, benches, horseshoes, large playing areas.
  • Zoo: Splendid specimens of wildlife which are native to this area.
  • Cove: Rocky sheltered nook, ideal for campfire gatherings.

General Facilities:

  • Pavilion: Lunch bar, concession booth - reasonable prices, Dance Hall.

Band Concerts:

  • The Fort William City Band under the direction of Mr. S. Shuttleworth, bandmaster, will perform at Chippewa Park, every second Sunday afternoon.

Park Displays:

  • Vickers Park, Dease Park, and Paterson Park will be decorated with beautiful floral displays and everyone who enjoys flowers will certainly want to see these parks in full bloom.


Title: Summer Parks and Recreation Programme
Date: 1964
Creator: Fort William Board of Parks and Recreation
Series: 121, Fort William Parks & Recreation Files
Location: TBA 4802-25

 This is the programme for the Variety Show put on by the Port Arthur playgrounds programme in 1968. Each playground put together several acts, and the Variety Show would have been attended by friends and family.

A yellow pamphlet with typed writing

[This folding brochure is transcribed in the order it was meant to be read; not in the order it appears while reading left-to-right]

[Panel 1:]

Port Arthur Parks and Recreation

Playground 145h Annual Variety Show

Frills, Frolics, 'n Fantasy

Tuesday, 7:30 p.m. August 28th, 1968
Hammarskjold High School

[Panel 2:]

  • Presentation of Port Arthur Playground Staff:
  • Eunice Haight: Prospect (in absentia)
  • Janet Aho: Carrick
  • Judy Axelson: Vance Chapman
  • Elizabeth Johnston: Sir John A. MacDonald
  • Wendy Ticknor: Black Bay
  • Gayle Tuominen: Shuniah
  • Janice Metcalfe: Fitzgerald
  • Francis Metcalfe: Kiddieland
  • Cathy Johnson: C.D. Howe
  • Betty Lou Cavanough: Cornwall
  • Mary Anne Aslund: Balsam
  • Kelli Kruhliak: Claude Garton
  • Susan Sherrett: Claude Garton
  • Barb Milne: St. James
  • Marie Levanto: Oliver Road
  • Gwen Mercer: Queen Elizabeth
  • Jane Harris: Algonquin

Lee Vester: Arts & Crafts Co-ordinator
Valerie Dennison: Creative Drama
Gaila Haskins: Lead Up & Active Games
Kathleen Heikkinen: Programme Supervisor

A yellow pamhplet with typed text

[Panel 1:]

All musical selections presented this evening are by the "Port Arthur Select School Band."

Master of Ceremonies: Ervin Sundell

"O Canada"
"Salute to 1968 Playgrounds"

Welcoming number: The Flappers: Black Bay

Official Welcome

2. The Happy Whistlers: Claude Garton
3. Talking to the Animals: St. James
4. Two Aspects of Life in Downtown Burbank: C.D. Howe
5. Good Ship Lollipop: Prospect
6. Let's Make Waves: Cornwall
7. Little Lady and Her Dog: Algonquin
8. Dance of the Flowers: C.D. Howe
9: Absent Minded Mice: Sir John A. MacDonald
10: The New Immigrants: Vance Chapman

[Panel 2:]

11. Seven Little Ducks: Prospect
12. Chinese Dolls: Fitzgerald
13. Dancing Circles: Black Bay
14. Kiddieland Cheerleaders: Kiddieland
15. Spanish Flea: C.D. Howe


16. The Era: Oliver Road
17. Charlie Brown's First Date: Sir John A. MacDonald
18. Bomba A-Go-Go: Claude Garton
19. Art Linklater and the Kids: Algonquin
20. Pow-Wow: Oliver Road
21. Indian Spiritual: Queen Elizabeth
22. Night of Adventure: Shuniah
23. What's Your Name Little Girl: Balsam
24. The Twirlers: Queen Elizabeth
25. Windy Flashlights: Carrick
26. Bill, Paul, and Mary: Queen Elizabeth
27. Polish Love Ballad: Balsam
28. Sweetheart Teapots: Shuniah
29. Carrick A-Go-Go: Carrick
30. The Winners: Black Bay 

Title: Playground, 14th Annual Variety Show - Frills, Frolics, n' Fantasy
Date: 1968
Creator: Port Arthur Parks and Recreation 
Series: 28, Port Arthur Parks & Recreation Files
Location: TBA 4750-34

This brochure describes programming and special events for the summer of 1974. Note the emphasis on activities for teens as well as for younger children.

A typed pamphlet

[This folding brochure is transcribed in the order it was meant to be read; not in the order it appears while reading left-to-right]

[Panel 1:]

Much More in '74 

[Panel 2:]

Programming 1974

A playground is centred around a community to meet their recreational needs and desires. Keeping this in mind, a community is composed of teens, adults, elderly citizens, as well as children; therefore, the programme must serve a variety of people.

Playgrounds are located at school grounds, public parks, community centres, recreational centres, and vacant lots throughout the City. They total approximately thirty permanent sites and fourteen mobile sites. Thunder Bay is divided into three wards with three area co-ordinators, co-ordinating the programmes in their wards.

Trained supervisors are placed on the playground to plan and guide recreational programmes in co-operation with the community.

A programme revolves around the three basic components of creative play: arts and crafts; drama; and sports. Specialists in these three areas act as resource people and conduct workshops for community groups involved in their playground programme.

The mobile playground provides a part time programme during the week; in that it moves to various parts of the City where a programme is needed and desired. A schedule is followed by the mobile unit during its rotation  through the City areas. This schedule is derived from the need for a mobile unit and the response of the community through attendance and involvement. Specialist workshops will be a great asset here, in that they will provide the skills and knowledge for volunteers to conduct a programme during the mobile's absence.  

[Panel 3:]

Special Events:

Each summer City Wide Special Events are held for all the playgrounds. Usually there is one City Wide event for each specialist's field.


City Wide Parades: all playgrounds are dressed up and follow a theme. Two parades - one for the North Ward and one for the South Ward.

Teen Dances: possibly, one every two weeks.

Track and Field Meet: one for the North Ward and one for the South Ward.

Art Shows: collection of children's arts and crafts from playground programmes for public display.

Era Fair: playgrounds dress up in conjunction with specific time period of the past. Activities in drama and sports conducted. Displays from different playgrounds.

For your area to have an efficient and satisfying playground programme an effort to help and be involved must be shown by all. We invite everyone in Thunder Bay to become a part of their "Community Playground" and its programme.

Thunder Bay Parks & Recreation Department.  

Title: Playgrounds: Much More in '74
Date: 1974
Creator: Thunder Bay Parks and Recreation Department
Series: 156, Thunder Bay Central Files (Administration, Parks, Community Recreation)
Location: TBA 5249-07

This 1997 poster lists the playground site locations, and includes information on activities including the SuperSports programme.  

A green pamphlet with typed text and a picture of a child on a slide

Playgrounds '97
Join the Tradition ... Since 1914
July 2 to August 15

Special events, theme days, crafts, sport clinics and games galore add up to a fun-filled summer playgrounds program. Trained play-leaders at each site provide a safe and enjoyable learning experience for your child. Playgrounds '97 is an inclusive, free, drop-in recreation program for children aged 5-12 years. Additionally, the Playgrounds SuperSports program is also available for children aged 8-13 years. Playgrounds '97 is presented by the Community Recreation Division in conjunction with the Thunder Bay District Housing Authority.

Playground Site Locations:


  • Castlegreen
  • North End Community Centre
  • Windsor Street Housing Community
  • Cherryridge Park
  • North McIntyre Community Centre
  • John Street Housing Community
  • Vickers Park
  • West Thunder Community Centre
  • South Neebing Community Centre
  • Wayland Park


  • County Park Playfield
  • John Kusznier Park
  • Blucher Park
  • River Terrace Park
  • John Jumbo Community Centre
  • Academy Housing Community
  • Wilson Street Park
  • Tarbutt Park
  • North Neebing Community Centre
  • Edgewater Park School
  • Five Day Playground Sites
  • Volunteer Pool
  • Vale Community Centre/Limbrick Housing Community
  • Current River Arena
  • Oliver Road Community Centre
  • Ogden Community Centre

SuperSports Program
Instructional clinics, sports camps and sports fests will highlight the summer SuperSports program. Children and youth aged 8-13 years will experience new activities and qualified sport instruction with featured guest instructors. SuperSports takes place from July 2 to August 15.

Program Hours of Operation
Mondays 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm.
Tuesdays to Fridays 9:30 am to 4:30 pm (Sites will not be open Monday, August 4 - Civic Holiday)

The Community Recreation Division encourages all children and youth to take part in the PLAYGROUNDS program. Do you have a child with special needs? Call 623-9581 for more information on how we can help you support your child in the program. For more information on Playgrounds '97 call 625-2350 or 625-2487.

See you on the Playground!

Title: Playgrounds '97
Date: 1997
Creator: Community Recreation Division
Series: CS299, Program Planning & Administration Files
Location: 26-03-01-05 

 This recent flyer lists the active playgrounds sites for 2013, and describes the arts & crafts and sports & games activities offered.

pamphlet of children in a park with typed text


July 2- August 15

Our free, inclusive drop-in program is for children aged 5-12. Our Play-leaders are trained in first aid, arts & crafts, sports & games, behaviour management, inclusion, and Healthy Childhood Development.

No registration is required, just sign up at the park!

Monday to Friday, 9:30 - 4:00

  • John Jumbo Gardens C.C.
  • Ogden C.C.
  • North McIntyre C.C.
  • Vickers Park

Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 9:30 - 4:00

  • West Thunder C.C.
  • Current River Park
  • South Neebing C.C.
  • County Park
  • Wayland Park
  • Age Specific Sites:
  • Ages 5-8 Volunteer Pool
  • Ages 9-12 Oliver Road

Tuesday & Thursday, 9:30 - 4:00

  • River Terrace Park
  • West Arthur C.C.
  • North End C.C.
  • Tarbutt Park
  • Age Specific Sites:
  • Ages 5-8 Oliver Road
  • Ages 9-12 Volunteer Pool

All Sites will be Closed:

  • Mon. July 8 - Staff Meeting
  • Fri. July 26 - Staff Meeting
  • Mon. Aug 5 - Civic Holiday
  • Fri. Aug 16 - Staff Meeting


Lunch Hour: Children may return home for lunch or bring a lunch to the park. Supervision between 12:00 and 1:00 is limited to one staff person. All lunches are required to be nut safe.

Junior Inclusion Services (JIS): In order to provide the best experiences for children with Special Needs, we require you to register your child with our program.

Title: Playgrounds 2013
Date: 2013
Creator: Community Recreation Division
Series: CS299, Program Planning & Administration Files
Location: 26-03-01-05 







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