Messages from Mayor Mauro in 2020

December 2020 

Dec. 2 - Mayor Mauro stresses the importance of vigilance in these tough times, reminds residents to continue to support local businesses if able, and encourages the community to stay safe.



November 2020

Nov. 12 - As we see a recent spike in cases in the community, Mayor Mauro urges residents to continue to follow all public health guidelines, and stay home as much as possible to avoid anymore spread of COVID-19.



October 2020

Oct. 27 - Mayor Mauro thanks the community for continuing to stay vigilant, and provides more details on what the City is doing to assist with economic recovery.

Oct. 7 - With Thanksgiving and flu season coming up, Mayor Mauro reminds residents to continue to stay vigilant and take the necessary public health measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our region.


September 2020

Sept. 22 - Mayor Mauro talks about some of the City facilities that are re-opening, and reminds residents to continue to follow all public health guidelines.

Sept. 4 - Mayor Mauro thanks residents for their diligence in helping prevent the spread of Covid in our Community.


August 2020

August 18 - Mayor Mauro talks about the recent announcement from the Federal and Provincial governments giving the City of Thunder Bay nearly $9.4 million in Federal-Provincial ‘Safe Restart’ funding to assist with COVID-19 pressures.


July 2020

July 30 - Mayor Mauro discusses the plans to reopen more services and facilities as part of the Province’s Stage Three of re-opening, and reminds the public who enter or remain in an enclosed public space to wear a mask or face covering.

July 7 - To protect municipal services, Mayor Mauro is joining municipalities across the province in urging the provincial and federal governments to help cover lost revenue and additional costs caused by the COVID-19 crisis.


June 2020

 June 30 - Mayor Mauro talks about supporting local business during the pandemic.


June 10 - Mayor Mauro talks about the announcement from the Province that the Thunder Bay District can proceed with the next phase of reopening plans.

June 4 - Due to the Province’s Emergency Orders and uncertainty about health and safety, Mayor Mauro talks about the summer programs and services that will no longer be viable.


May 2020

May 26 - Mayor Mauro reminds residents that while the transition to re-open amenities is very important for our economy and access to the activities we enjoy, we must continue to be vigilant in terms of ensuring our own safety and the safety of others.

May 21 - Mayor Mauro provides details on the City outdoor recreational amenities that are opening back after the Province announced amendments to the Emergency Order.

May 12 - Mayor Bill Mauro and Eric Zakrewski, Chief Executive Officer of the Thunder Bay Community Economic Development Commission, answered questions about economic recovery in Thunder Bay, re-opening the economy, and how the City can help businesses in these unprecedented times.

May 7 - Mayor Mauro extends his thanks to residents and organizations for their time and efforts in the community.


April 2020

April 30 - Mayor Mauro thanks the local business community.

April 24 - Mayor discusses the rationale around declaring an emergency in the City.

April 21 - Virtual Town Hall with Mayor Bill Mauro & Dr. Janet DeMille, Medical Officer of Health

April 16 - Mayor talks about the work being done to help the City's vulnerable population.

April 14 - Mayor talks about safety in City facilities and services.

April 7 - Community address with Mayor Bill Mauro

April 5 - Community Address with Mayor Bill Mauro

April 3 - Community Address with Mayor Bill Mauro 


March 2020

March 31 - Community Address with Mayor Bill Mauro

March 28 - Community Address with Mayor Bill Mauro

March 26 - Statement on Community Impact

Norm Gale, City Manager; Dr. Janet DeMille, Medical Officer of Health; and Dr. Stewart Kennedy, COVID-19 Incident Manager, Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre provide statements addressing the impact of the community and residents.



 March 20 - Community Situation Report

Community Situation Report with the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre and the City of Thunder Bay.



 March 16 - City of Thunder Bay COVID-19 Update

Update on City of Thunder Bay’s Response to COVID-19.






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