These manuals were provided to playground supervisors for instruction and suggestions for playground activities, and insight into discipline, leadership, and coaching. Selected excerpts of the manuals are available by following the links below.

Title: Playground Patter
Creator: Ontario Department of Education
Date: 1953

A yellow paper with orange writing shows a woman and children above the words "Playground Patter"








Title: Playgrounds Special Events Manual
Creator: Fort William Board of Parks & Recreation
Date: ca. 1955

A selection of black text on white paper








Title: General Instructions to Playground Supervisors
Creator: Fort William Parks and Recreation Department
Date: 1967

A section of a program detailing activties for a day at the playground








Title: Organization Manual
Creator: Port Arthur Parks and Recreation Department
Date: 1969

A green poster has a drawing of a boy wearing a hat








Title: Neighbourhood Playgrounds Manual
Creator: Thunder Bay Parks and Recreation Department
Date: 1972

A drawing of fish side by side on a yellow paper





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