Electronic Meeting Participation during COVID-19

On March 23, an amendment to Council’s Procedural By-law was passed to allow members of City Council to participate and vote at meetings electronically during this emergency situation. The amendment also included a process for members of the public to participate. Deputations will be accepted electronically and will be included in Council agendas. Deputations must be received by 12pm four days prior to the day of the meeting, in accordance with the timeframe in section 5.08(b)(2) of the Procedural By-law.

To submit a Deputation in writing, email cityclerk@thunderbay.ca or complete the Request to Speak Before Council Online Form below.

Request to Speak Before Council Online Form


Individuals and groups can request to speak to City Council. There are three types of presentations that can be provided:

  • formal recognition of a delegation visiting the City
  • announcement of a City-wide event being sponsored by a community group
  • deputation by an individual or community group on a matter of public interest

Learn what to expect when you make your presentation to Thunder Bay City Council.

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