The Fire Prevention Division provides the following services:

Complaints and requests

One of the major duties of the fire prevention division is to help owners, tenants, or workers deal with fire related problems in the buildings they own, occupy or work in. Inquiries or complaints received are anonymous and will be investigated where warranted. The Ontario Fire Code provides a minimum life safety standard for every building in the city. Upgrading of properties is done on a continual basis to ensure exiting; containment, annunciation (alarms), and suppression equipment are present where required by code.

Fire extinguisher training

Our Fire Rescue team provides fire extinguisher training and conducts practical, hands-on, fire extinguisher training sessions for groups of up to 20 people at one time. The sessions are offered between May 1 and October 31 and are conducted by Fire Prevention Officers.

Attendees of this course receive classroom instruction on the classification of fire, types of fire extinguishers, proper extinguisher selection, safe handling practices, and the four step P-A-S-S system of fire extinguisher use. Once the classroom portion of the training is complete, the group will move outside for hands on extinguisher training using our propane fueled fire simulator.

Organizers of this training are responsible for providing an acceptable location for the live fire extinguisher training. This location should be a safe distance from any building or vehicle. Organizers are also responsible for providing fire extinguishers for all participants, ideally one for each participant but a minimum of one for every two participants. An indoor area for the classroom instruction is also required.

Due to a cost of operation associated with this training, we will invoice a cost recovery charge for this service. The cost is $15 per trainee with a minimum charge of $135 and a maximum charge of $250.

To request fire extinguisher training, you can contact us at 625-2764. Every effort will be made to accommodate specific date and time requests but training sessions are limited to staff availability.

Fire extinguisher training payment

Pay for training online

Liquor License Approvals

For all liquor licenses in the city it is important that the establishments are in compliance with the fire code. Our Fire Prevention Division is commonly requested to review applications. This will also involve a Fire Code inspection.

Public Education Program

The Fire Prevention Division is often asked to speak on various fire safety topics from small groups to very large audiences. We try to accommodate every speaking engagement request and we are often available to speak after our regular working hours.


On October 10, 2017, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue kicked-off Fire Prevention Week at St. Jude Elementary School. Grade 4 students created a video that was played for a gymnasium full of classmates, teachers, Thunder Bay Fire Rescue personnel and Mayor Keith Hobbs on the importance of working smoke alarms and home fire safety. Watch the video  St. Judes Grade 4 class


Senior Smoke Alarm Program

The Senior Smoke Alarm Program is an ongoing program available to Thunder Bay residents 55 years of age or older who own and live in their own home. The program is aimed at encouraging senior residents to contact our Fire Rescue department if they require assistance with the installation or testing of their smoke alarms.

Special Occasion Fire Permit

This permit is necessary in the city limits to have a fire that is not used for cooking purposes. If a Special Occasion Fire Permit is requested, we will inspect the area to ensure it meets the requirements set out in the permit guidelines.

Some of the requirements include: the distance the fire has to be away from a building; the size of the fire; the water supply necessary; the level of supervision and what can and can't be burned.

There is a fee for this permit that covers the duration of the event.

All Special Occasion Fire Permits must be applied for at Vickers Street Fire Station, Fire Prevention Division, 807-625-2103.

The Arson Prevention Program for Children - TAPP-C

If your child is involved in fire-play or fire setting, you are not alone. Many children have a fascination with fire. Curiosity about fire is natural, but fire-play is dangerous. In fact, fire is a leading cause of death among children in the home. Sadly, many youngsters start the very fires that injure or kill themselves or others. Big fires start small, many times from a single match, or lighter flame held by a small hand.

The Arson Prevention Program for Children (TAPPC) helps families deal with children who have been identified or are suspected to have been involved in this activity. The aim of the TAPPC is to reduce fire involvement and to promote fire safety among children and youths age 2 through 17 years.

This program is effective because it combines fire safety education with an assessment, which provides a more comprehensive approach to the problem of fire setting.

What does the program do?

When a referral is made by a parent/caregiver or a community service provider an appointment is requested for the child to have an assessment with an outside agency.  Based on that assessment, the child may need further support and will be referred to appropriate professionals. In some instances the assessment may determine the need for fire safety education. All information gathered during this program is securely maintained and cannot be disclosed to anyone without signed consent.

Family safety tips

  • Install smoke alarms in all sleeping areas and check them regularly.
  • Store all materials such as matches, candles and flammable liquids in a safe location.
  • Teach children that matches and lighters are adult tools, not toys.
  • Watch for signs of curiosity about fire or fire setting behaviour.

For more information call the TAPPC information line at (807) 625-3297.

Other Duties and Services

The following are the other duties and services performed by the Fire Prevention Division:

  • Enforcement of codes through inspections (complaints, requests, legislative)
  • Issuing Fire Marshal's Orders
  • Swearing provincial information in Provincial Offences Court
  • Preparing prosecution briefs, giving evidence
  • Business license inspections
  • Public Hall license inspections
  • Specialized home inspections
  • Conduct field inspections
  • Fire cause and origin determination
  • Compile fire loss statistics
  • Issue electrical safety authority orders on electrical hazards
  • Issue fire permits
  • Determination of fire routes
  • Assist Engineers and Architects with code interpretation and special design requirements
  • Lectures and speaking engagements as requested
  • Conduct training seminars for hospitals, nursing homes, schools, industrial occupancies, offices and special groups
  • Assist developers, owners and contractors on various projects through site plan, Committee of Adjustment and Subdivision Committee

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