If you are 55 plus and enjoy golf, pickleball, billiards, cards, horseshoes, bowling or walking, have we got something for you for some friendly competition.

Each year over 200 seniors from the City of Thunder Bay and surrounding District participate in the annual Northwest Senior Games. These games are held in June and are designed for fun and friendly competition in 16 different events. Registration for the Games takes place during the second last week of May each year at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre and West Arthur Community Centre 55 Plus Programs.


2018 Northwest Senior Games

Registration begins every year in May at the Thunder Bay 55 Plus Centre or at the West Arthur Community Centre. You must know how to play each event you are registering for. The Games run in early June. Dates are confirmed each year of the games.

See the winners of the 2018 Northwest Senior Games!

Congratulation to our winners who participated in the Mississauga Ontario Senior Games!


Do you love sports, socialization and having fun? Become a volunteer for the Northwest Senior games organizing committee! You can also volunteer during the games to be a convenor at your favourite event, help with registration or decorate for the open ceremonies.
If you would like to volunteer to be a part of the Northwest Senior Games call 625-3135.

Bob Secord Award

In 2012, Ken Simard, a dedicated Northwest Senior Games volunteer, received the Bob Secord Award. This is an award given to one man and one woman who are senior volunteers in Ontario. This award commemorates the life and achievements of Bob Secord as a promoter of the active life-style for seniors. Congratulations Ken!


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