WHEREAS, community support has been critical throughout the Arthritis Society’s 74 year history, enabling the organization to fulfill its mission to fight the fire of arthritis with cutting-edge research, bold innovation, fiery advocacy, and evidence-based information and patient-centred support; and

WHEREAS, Arthritis is not just arthritis. Arthritis is serious. It causes debilitating pain, restricts mobility and diminishes quality of life. Six million Canadians – 1 in 5 – live everyday with the fire of arthritis and there is no cure. Without a greater spotlight on this growing issue, the number of Canadians with arthritis will rise to nine million by 2040; and 

WHEREAS, during Arthritis Awareness Month this September, we seek to raise voices and awareness, and we are encouraging everyone who lives with arthritis – and all those who know and love them – to fight the fire of arthritis; and

WHEREAS, The Arthritis Society is a Canada’s national charity dedicated to extinguishing arthritis for good.  

NOW THEREFORE, I, on behalf of Thunder Bay City Council, do hereby proclaim September 2022 as “Arthritis Awareness Month” in the City of Thunder Bay.


Please contact the Arthritis Society for more information