April 6, 2016 - To kick-off Civic Pride Month, the City introduced the "˜Don't Be Trashy' campaign today to encourage people to take pride in Thunder Bay and not trash our environment.

"Litter is a major problem that cripples our City," said Mayor Keith Hobbs. "Litter ranks among the top concerns for our citizens and is a priority for City Council. The City of Thunder Bay has made a commitment to Clean, Green & Beautiful, but everyone needs to do their part. Litter is not a corporate problem, it's a community problem. The City is not out there littering our streets, parks and waterways, people are and these behaviours need to stop - we know better."

"Litter is ugly and costs the City to pick up," said Councillor Rebecca Johnson, Chair - Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee. "It's a deterrent to tourism and being a welcoming city, and it's not acceptable that we continue to litter yards, streets and our community."

Don't Be Trashy asks people to commit to Clean, Green & Beautiful and share the ways they take pride in their City and environment by posting images and stories through social media using #NotTrashyTBay.

Billboards, videos, radio, print, online and transit advertising along with branded window clings and reusable shopping bags will be showing up across the City to reinforce this messaging starting this week to celebrate Civic Pride Month.

"With melting snow and the transition of seasons, Thunder Bay's unsightly litter problem is more noticeable than ever," said Shannon Costigan, Vice Chair - Clean, Green & Beautiful and Program Specialist at EcoSuperior. "This May brings the 20th Anniversary of the Spring Up to Clean Up program. We encourage individuals and organizations to get involved to help freshen up the face of the community."

SHIFT, Thunder Bay's Young Professionals Network joined the City to demonstrate support for a need for greater Civic Pride in Thunder Bay and announced a line-up of civic pride-focused activities the organization is spearheading including a Civic Pride Community Survey, Neighbourhood Cleanup event, and SHIFT's #Tbaylovin Social Media Campaign.

"Thunder Bay has experienced an impressive resurgence over the past five years including revitalizing downtown cores, entrepreneurial spirit and new cultural, recreational and entertainment options for residents and visitors alike," said SHIFT President Peter Marchl. "SHIFTers believe that some of the perceptions of Thunder Bay have not kept pace with the reality of the growth the community is experiencing. Throughout the month of April, SHIFT is calling on all residents to rediscover why you love the city and celebrate all of the iconic spaces, places and people."

The Don't Be Trashy campaign is an initiative of the Clean, Green & Beautiful Committee and was developed by an anti-litter working group that includes the City's Corporate Strategic Initiatives Infrastructure & Operations Departments and EcoSuperior. For more information on the Don't Be Trashy campaign and ways to show your civic pride, go to Don'tBeTrashy.ca

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Contact: Valerie Marasco, Supervisor - Corporate Communications, 625-2438, cell: 621-4151 or vmarasco@thunderbay.ca

Watch the Video at https://youtu.be/KbXutSfKiBA