December 3, 2015 – An Eira Street business has been fined a second time for not obtaining a building permit. The resulting fine was $12,000, in addition to an earlier offense for the same construction which was a $7,500 fine.

The Building Services Division reminds the public and the business community of the need to obtain building permits for new building construction, building additions, demolitions, alterations or renovations, prior to commencing. A change from one use to another, even without proposing construction, may result in the need to obtain a building permit as it may require alterations to the building. Additionally, the use of the building must be in conformance with the zoning regulations for the zone in which the building is located.

“Aside from our regular building permit review and inspection tasks, the Building Services Division addresses many building construction related complaints during the year,” said Des Stolz, Director of Building Services. “We will assist complainants, owners, and contractors towards resolving building construction concerns, obtaining required building permits and achieving building code compliance. While many of these complaints and violations are addressed through voluntary compliance, some require court action through the Provincial Offences Court.” 

The creation of new construction, renovations, and in some cases a change of use, without the required building permit, appropriate designer qualifications, design drawings, building and plumbing inspections can put building users, tenants and the public at risk. The risks are due to inadequate structural, fire protection, life safety and health measures that are minimum requirements of the Ontario Building code.

A recent court action saw an Eira Street business charged with a second offense of constructing an addition to a commercial/industrial building without first obtaining a building permit. The Provincial Offences Court imposed a fine of $12,000 to the business on Nov. 25. The property owner is still required to obtain the proper building permit and comply with the Ontario Building Code. While fines of up to $100,000 may be imposed for first offences relating to corporations, subsequent failure to comply can result in further court action with fines not exceeding $200,000. Fines of up to $50,000 for first offences and $100,000 for subsequent offences can be imposed upon individuals.       

Other fines issued through the Provincial Offense Court this year, include:
• $3,000 fine on Dock Street – construction of an industrial building without a building permit
• $3,000 fine on Brock Street  – change of use of a former church to a residential building without a building permit  
• $2,000 fine on Tupper Street - construction of two basement suites to an existing apartment building.
• $2,000 fine on Fort William Road – construction/placing of a Modular Showroom without a building permit
• $1,500 fine on Syndicate Avenue N. – construction of a deck without a building permit.  

Anyone requiring information on the scope of construction or demolition requiring a building permit can find valuable information and downloadable documents at or by contacting the Building Services Division at 625-2574.    

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Contact: Des Stolz, Director of Building Services, 625-2573
               Alyn Bygate Supervisor, Inspections, 625-2279