Information Updated as of April 8, 2024.

Women’s Day Use Change Room

Due to plumbing issues the facility is required to have a section of the Women’s Day Use change room hoarded off.  As of Friday, April 12th  the entrance to the Women’s Day Use change room will be off of pool deck due to the location of the work.  Access from the lobby will be unavailable until the work is complete. 

These are on going drainage issues relating to an aging facility that require attention. The work requires breaking ground in one area of the Women’s Day use change room and will include extensive hoarding and ventilation techniques. This work will be completed during non operating times.

Members who have lockers in the direct area of required work will be notified by one of our staff members.  

The work is expected to start on the evening of Thursday, April 11th and will be completed as soon as the contractors are able to resolve the problem. We hope this disruption will be minimal.

Since the temporary entrance will be off of the pool deck and will require walking through the shower area we recommend changing footwear at the benches prior to entering the pool area and bringing your outdoor shoes with you to your locker. 

The accessible washroom in the Women’s Day use change room is temporarily closed during this period of time.

What will happen to my membership when you re-open on October 18th?

All paid in full memberships and lockers will automatically be extended to reflect the amount of time closed.

If we do not hear from you by our re-opening date (OCTOBER 18th 2023) all memberships will automatically resume.

Email and we will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding your membership.


If you currently rent a locker and you removed your lock prior to the closure – please see the front desk as an alternative lock has been placed on your locker temporarily.



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