The City of Thunder Bay’s commitments and actions are informed by policy recommendations of commissioned reports relevant to a municipal setting and cited in the Anti-Racism and Inclusion Accord and provide a vast amount of knowledge on various Indigenous issues and guiding principles for the work we have yet to do “Maamawe” – All Together.


Educating ourselves is a first step in learning and unlearning behaviours and to continue being part of the solution towards building a safe and inclusive community that we can all be proud of. Use these resource links to learn more:

Walk-A-Mile film series

The Walk-A-Mile Film Series was created in an effort to bring discussions on diversity and relationship building into a sharper focus, and to encourage all our community members, no matter where they come from, to fully understand historical Aboriginal and community issues. It's important to understand these issues in their current context so that we can have discussions that are both informed as well as welcoming and respectful.

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Five short documentary films

Walk-A-Mile Film Project is a series of 5 short documentary films that are designed to educate and encourage frank conversations in our community about the reality of the life and history of Indigenous peoples both here and across Canada. The films are each 10-15 minutes long and address subjects such as treaties, racism, violence against women, and the way forward.

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Vision for the film series

The overall objective in the creation of the Walk-A-Mile Series was to strengthen relationships between the community-at-large and Urban Indigenous Peoples. Through this series, we can address misinformation and myths that persist in the broader community about Indigenous Peoples so that our community can move towards reconciliation and a more inclusive city for everyone.

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