The Province of Ontario has amended the Construction Act and its regulations as they relate to municipalities. Effective October 1, 2019, lien claimants are no longer able to register a lien against lands owned by the City of Thunder Bay. Instead, a copy of a lien claim must be sent to the City Clerk, and the lien will constitute a charge upon the holdbacks required to be retained by the municipality. Pursuant to Section 11.1(1) of Ontario Regulation 304/18, the Office of the City Clerk will only accept lien claims submitted via e-mail at

To submit a lien claim against property owned by the City of Thunder Bay, please e-mail all documents to the Office of the City Clerk. For more information about the Construction Act, visit the Province of Ontario’s e-laws website.

Claim for Lien Registry
Date ReceivedClaimantAssociated ProjectCopy of Claim
 February 28, 2020  Colussus Security Inc.  TBDSSAB - 1100 Lincoln St. Claim for Lien - Colussus Security Inc.

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