Mayor Ernest Reed sitting for a mayoral painting wearing a suit and necklaceErnest H. Reed was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. He and his family left Toronto for Fort William in 1952 when he was transferred by the Great West Life Assurance Company. He worked as a Branch Manager upon arriving in Fort William.

After Reed felt he had had enough time to get to know the people and City of Fort William, he ran for Council in 1956, but was unsuccessful. In 1959, he was elected as a Councillor, and once again in 1960. Reed decided to run for the 1961 Mayoral election and proved victorious. He held the position of Mayor of Fort William for the next eight years.

During Reed's tenure, the new Fort William City Hall was constructed on Donald Street. This building still serves as Thunder Bay City Hall today. Reed once said that one of the toughest times he faced in his Mayoral career was when City Clerk, Don Martin, and the Administrator and Treasurer, Sid Blake, died and needed to be replaced. He was also accused of driving an old garbage truck as his official vehicle while out on City business, and it became a long-running joke.

Born: November 19, 1914 in Toronto, Ontario

Died: October 6, 2004 in Barrie, Ontario

Councillor Candidate: 1956

Councillor: 1959-1960

Mayor: 1961-1969

Mayoral Candidate: Thunder Bay Mayoral Candidate 1970


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Next Mayor: Thunder Bay Mayor Saul Laskin


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