Mayor George Thomas Marks sitting showing a profile of his face wearing a suit George Thomas Marks, nephew of Port Arthur's first Mayor Thomas Marks, attended Trinity College School in Port Hope and arrived in Prince Arthur’s Landing in 1873. Marks was employed by several family ventures, such as the Prince Arthur's Landing and Kaministiquia Railway, the Thunder Bay Colonization Railway, and the Thunder Bay Dock, Forwarding and Elevator Company where he worked as an Agent, Bookkeeper, and Director.

Marks partnered up with his cousins, Harold Andrew Wiley and Franklin Samuel Wiley, in 1903, and established the Canadian North West Steamship Company and Neebing Navigation Limited. Their newly formed company began operating the lake-carrier Neebing, working in the grain and iron trades.

Before first being elected Mayor in 1893, Marks had established himself politically as the treasurer of the Municipality of Shuniah, Shuniah Councillor, and Councillor for Port Arthur. When he first came to be Mayor, Port Arthur was in a state of disarray. He was often challenged by contentious ratepayers who seemed to question every decision, as well as by his rival, James Farrand Ruttan.

During his seven years in office, Marks created the Electric Railway and Light Commission in 1895, a municipal electric-lighting plant in 1897, helped promote the Ontario and Rainy River Railway, redefined the town’s water limits, and reached a deal with the Canadian Pacific Railway after a long-standing dispute over taxes. Marks was also a strong supporter of amalgamation with Fort William.

Born: August 31, 1856 in Bruce Mines, Algoma District, Ontario

Died: May 21, 1907 in Toronto, Ontario at the age of 50

Councillor: Shuniah Councillor 1879-1881, Port Arthur Councillor 1885-1887

Councillor Candidate: Port Arthur Councillor Candidate 1888, 1901-1903

Mayoral Candidate: 1900

Mayor: 1893-1899


Previous Mayor: Mayor James Farrand Ruttan

Next Mayor: Mayor Issac Lamont Matthews


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