Mayor Percy Ibbetson sitting wearing a suit and red tiePercy Victor Ibbetson attended school at Wesley College and the University of Manitoba, before being called to the Manitoba bar in 1924 and the Ontario bar in 1927.

Ibbetson was elected as a Councillor for Port Arthur in 1930. One year later in 1931, he ran for May winning a close race over three other candidates. When Ibbetson came to office, the country was facing the worst of the Great Depression. During his Mayoralty, Ibbetson was faced with two protests led by angry citizens, one in July 1931 and again in October 1932.

Ibbetson was appointed Thunder Bay District Crown Attorney, starting in 1940 until his retirement in 1958. At times, he noted how challenging it could be to oversee such a large area. He tended to be apprehensive of 'judge-made' laws, preferring to rely on statutory law.

Born: September 21, 1897 in Gladstone, Manitoba

Died: July 2, 1973 in Thunder Bay, Ontario at the age of 77

Councillor: 1930

Mayor: 1931-1932


Previous Mayor: Mayor George Gibbon

Next Mayor: Mayor George Blanchard


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