Mayor Robert Pow sitting for a black and white photograph wearing a suit and tieRobert Barclay Pow grew up and attended school in Manitoba. His first job was with the Northern Elevator Company in Emerson, Manitoba and he continued working at elevator companies for the rest of his career. He arrived in Fort William in 1908, working at the Consolidated Elevator Company, Empire Elevator Company, and Mutual Elevator. In 1916, Mutual promoted him to Superintendent and when they came under the control of the Smith-Murphy Grain Company in 1920, he was employed as a Manager. Pow eventually became Director in 1947, almost two decades after Smith-Murphy Grain Company combined with two other companies, forming the Reliance Grain Company Ltd.

Pow served a number of terms on City Council and was elected Mayor of Fort William four years in a row from 1933 to 1936. During his first term as Mayor, the white cross on Mount McKay was introduced as a tribute to First Nations soldiers who had died in action. When the Ontario Municipal Board decided against building an airport in Fort William, Pow used his powers of persuasion to convince them to reverse their decision.

In late 1940, Pow decided to run for Mayor once more, but was unsuccessful, facing harsh criticisms over his previous record from incumbent and fellow candidate Chisholm Ross.

Born: July 7, 1883 in Emerson, Manitoba

Died: April 25, 1958 in Fort William, Ontario at the age of 74

Councillor: 1929-1932, 1937-1940

Mayor: 1933-1936

Mayoral Candidate: 1941


Previous Mayor: Mayor Eugene Grimes Murphy

Next Mayor: Mayor Benjamin Charles Hardiman


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