The City of Thunder Bay has adopted a Graffiti Management By-law to reduce the amount of graffiti found in the community. The Graffiti Guard initiative encourages everyone to prevent, report and remove graffiti in Thunder Bay. Call 211 or use the City's online form to Report Graffiti. You can also contact Municipal Enforcement Services at 807-577-MLEO (6536).


There is no way to completely prevent property from becoming a target for graffiti, but removal helps discourage repeat events or the spread of graffiti. Download the brochure below for ideas that may help reduce the chance of your property being targeted.


Call 211 or report graffiti online. The City of Thunder Bay will remove graffiti from City-owned and operated property. To help remove graffiti, the City will provide financial assistance on request to residents and small businesses with an assessment value less than $400,000. 211 is your community information and referral service, available 24 hours a day.


Studies have found that removal often prevents more graffiti from appearing. For public property, 211 will notify the appropriate agency and they will have the graffiti removed. For private property, owners will be notified under the Graffiti Management By-law and be asked to remove the graffiti with financial assistance available from the City. A rebate and subsidy are available to help with the cost of removal.


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