multi-space parking meterBefore parking or stopping a vehicle on any City street or City property, please make sure you are looking for and following all posted signs, or you may receive a parking ticket. Learn more about our regulations:  

Standard parking restrictions 

Below are some parking restrictions that do not require posted signs but that every driver should be aware of. If you park or stop a vehicle contrary to these restrictions you may receive a parking ticket.

A vehicle may not park:

  • On a City street unmoved for more than 48 hours.
  • On a boulevard, grassed or paved.
  • In front of, or within 3 metres of, a fire hydrant.
  • In front of, or within 1.5 metres of, a laneway or driveway.
  • On, or partly on, a sidewalk, crosswalk, footpath, or multi-use trail.
  • Within a designated bicycle lane.
  • On a City street if the vehicle (or vehicle plus a trailer) exceeds 7 metres in length, except for the purpose of actively loading and unloading.
  • An unattached trailer on a City street.
  • Facing the wrong direction.
  • Obstructing movement in a laneway.
  • More than 30 cm from the curb or edge of the roadway.
  • On an angle to a roadway, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Within 9m of an intersection, or within 15 metres of a traffic light controlled intersection.
  • On a City street for the purpose of washing, greasing, repairing, or advertising it for sale.
  • So that it prevents a previously parked vehicle from being removed (double-park).
  • Within 5m of a traffic calming device.

Parking and traffic by-laws

For more details or information on parking regulations view the full Parking and Traffic By-laws.

Calendar parking regulations

View our Calendar Parking page to learn more about regulations based on calendar dates. 

Priority route restrictions

Priority route restrictions apply from November 15 to April 30, unless otherwise indicated by the City. Signs are generally only posted at the beginning of a block, so be sure to take note of the sign before parking on any street. Priority route restrictions are in effect regardless of the current weather conditions.

Signs indicate that vehicles may not park from 2 am to 7 am every night. The restriction ensures that streets designated as priority routes for use by service/emergency vehicles can be properly maintained during the winter.

Two-hour parking restrictions

Signs indicate parking is permitted for two hours, vehicles with permits excepted. This restriction means that for those who do not have a permit for that street may only park on that block once per day for a period of up to two hours, then the vehicle must be moved to a new block.

Resident-only parking restrictions

Signs indicate parking is for residents only. This restriction means that only residents and their visitors with a permit may park on that street.

Vehicles with trailers exceeding 7 metres in length

Vehicles, or vehicles with trailers attached, exceeding 7 metres in length are not permitted to be parked on City streets except for the immediate and active loading/unloading of said vehicle/trailer. Also, unattached trailers are not permitted to be parked on City streets for any reason. A ticket will be issued to unattended vehicles/trailers in violation.

Professional contractors working at a job site or residence, where the vehicle and/or trailer cannot be parked on private property and will be parked on a City street, must contact Parking Authority at 807-625-2370 prior to commencing work at the location.  

Monthly rental parking customers

Accounts are automatically being renewed. Payments can be made in-person, by mail, drop box, or over the phone with a credit card. If you have any questions regarding your account please contact us at 807-625-2370. 

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