November 25, 2015 – Animal Services has partnered with Superior Street Cats to launch the new Spay it Forward Campaign that invites citizens to donate toward the spay/neuter of a feral cat.

"Spaying or neutering a feral cat is a humane and effective method of managing feral cat colonies,” said Jody Kondrat, Supervisor, Animal Services. “The primary goal is to reduce both the number of free roaming cats in the community and the number of cats impounded and euthanized each year.”

Citizens can also Spay it Forward on behalf of someone else which a perfect opportunity to please the cat lover in your life, and would make a great Christmas present. When you Spay it Forward, you prevent over population and improve the lives of hundreds of cats.

To Spay it Forward or make a donation, visit Animal Services at 882 Alloy Place, call 684"2156, or visit

Donations can be made by mail, phone or in person. Tax receipts will also be issued for donations over $10.

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Contact: Jody Kondrat, Supervisor – Animal Services, 684-3210