Candidate financial statements for all council and school board candidates from the 2022 Municipal and School Board Election have been officially posted online today as required by the Municipal Elections Act.

Returning Officer Krista Power said that after the end of the campaign period, candidates and registered third party advertisers must file a financial statement and auditor’s report (if required) disclosing all contributions and expenses for their campaigns.

The deadline to file financial statements was March 31, 2023 at 2 pm. Any candidate who did not file by this date has been advised they are in default. As per section 88.23(9) of the Act, the penalty stated in the Notice of Default does not take effect if, no later than 2 pm on May 1, 2023, the candidate files the relevant document (Financial Statement – Auditor’s Report Candidate – Form 4) and pays the Clerk a late filing fee of $500.

“The City of Thunder Bay is required to make all candidates' financial statements available at no charge for viewing by the public in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act,” added Power. “The financial statements have been prepared by the candidates, themselves. Municipal staff have not verified or amended the information contained in the statements.”

Any eligible elector who believes that a candidate has contravened the campaign finance rules in the statute may apply for a compliance audit of that party’s election campaign finances. The City of Thunder Bay has appointed members of the Compliance Audit Committee in 2022 as prescribed by legislation.

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Contact:          Krista Power, City Clerk & Returning Officer, 625-2238 or