In anticipation of the winter season, bike lanes will be “closed” as of Nov. 15.

During this period, riders may continue to use bike lanes and roadways. However, during the winter months, bike lanes will not be cleared of debris and may be used for snow storage as necessary.

“All riders choosing to use bike lanes and roadways during the winter are advised to exercise caution,” said Darrik Smith, Mobility Coordinator. “Further, all road users are reminded to be aware of other vehicles, be courteous and share the road.”

As the days get shorter, riders are also encouraged to use lights, wear reflective clothing, be visible, and use hand signals to communicate to drivers. Drivers are asked to slow down, provide bikes with a safe distance, and not drive in the bike lanes.

In some locations where on-street parking in bike lanes is restricted during the year, restrictions may be lifted to allow parking. Check signage to confirm that parking is permitted.

The anticipated reopening date for bike lanes is May 1, 2024, providing that weather conditions at the time allow clearance of winter debris from the lanes.


Contact:   Darrik Smith, Mobility Coordinator, Engineering Division,