The City’s Roads Section is working hard to manage the winter control conditions. All resources are currently cleaning up from the winter event that took place on Sunday.

Residents are asked to help us work efficiently

  • Be careful! Stay back when following a plow or sander. Give these large pieces of equipment extra room to maneuver. Do not pass. Turning a plow in an intersection often means the driver must back up while making the turn.
  • Be patient. Be assured that crews are working hard to keep roads open and safe.
  • Take your time when travelling to your destination. Winter weather can present some challenging driving conditions – slow down and remember to drive to road conditions.
  • Remember that calendar parking restrictions are enforced regardless of weather conditions. Be aware and follow the parking regulations for your street.

Road Maintenance Plowing Standards

  • Plowing of Arterial and Collector Roadways will commence after 2 am, once snow depths of 5 cm or more have accumulated (transit routes will be given priority).
  • Plowing of Local Roadways will commence once all Arterial and Collector Roadways have been plowed, and snow depths of 10 cm or more have accumulated on the roadways.
“Under the Road Maintenance Objectives, the Roads Section is to prioritize plowing and clearing of roads,” said Brad Adams, Manager – Roads Section.

Road Maintenance Snow Removal Standards

  • Snow pick-up, blowing or benching will continue starting with Arterial Roadways to restore traffic capacity only after Arterial, Collector and Local Roadways have been plowed.
“Roads Crews are not responsible to remove or clear private driveway entrances, local special permit parking areas and private driveway snowbanks. This maintenance is the sole responsibility of the property owner.” continued Adams. “All resources and equipment that perform snow removal operations are needed to address plowing first, then removal of snow from major roadways, as per our Road Maintenance Objectives.”

Lastly, residents are reminded to keep fire hydrants clear and accessible. City Crews are working hard to remove snow from around fire hydrants. Residents can assist by not blocking access or piling snow on top of a hydrant, as they need to be visible and accessible to emergency responders.

For more information, visit our Snow Removal page or contact the Infrastructure & Operations Dispatch at 625-2195.

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Contact: Brad Adams, Manager – Roads Division, 684-2408