On Friday, Sept. 4 at 11 am, a new Pedestrian crossover will activate at the corner of John Street and Marlborough Street in advance of schools reopening. This is the 10th pedestrian crossover in the City, and the first in 2020. Three more pedestrian crossovers will be installed this year at Pioneer Drive and Wyndale Street, Court Street and McVicar Street, and Neebing Avenue and Mary Street.

Motorists and cyclists using John Street now must stop when a pedestrian is waiting to cross and the crossover lights start flashing. Crossovers make it easy, safe and convenient for people to cross the street.


“As there are several schools within a few blocks of this intersection, we are pleased to activate this crossover prior to the kids going back,” said Rick Harms – Project Engineer.


To learn more about pedestrian crossovers, visit: thunderbay.ca/pedestriancrossovers.




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Contact:       Rick Harms, Project Engineer - 625-3071