As declared by John Hannam, City Clerk, under the Municipal Elections Act 1996, the Official Results of the 2018 Municipal Election and District School Board Elections have been released.

Voters selected representatives to Thunder Bay City Council and the School Board that they support. Electors chose the Mayor, Ward Councillors and Councillors At Large, to make up the 13-member City Council.

“I am pleased to provide the Official Results for the newly elected City Council and School Boards for the upcoming term,” said John Hannam, City Clerk. “The three ways to vote, online, by-phone and in-person, helped to give all city residents the opportunity to cast their vote.”

The total ballots cast were 41,361, with a voter turnout of 50.68%. This is an increase over the 2014 election where 37,354 ballots were cast.

To view the official results, visit Hard copies are also available at the City Clerk’s office.

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Contact:       Krista Power, Deputy City Clerk, 625-2236