The First Annual Community Safety & Well-Being Forum kicked off Friday morning, with service providers and organizations gathering to determine the best ways to work together to improve safety and well-being in our community.

The event, hosted by Community Safety & Well-Being Thunder Bay, features presentations and a panel discussion focusing on prevention and structural barriers, as well as how organizations can work together to achieve common goals.

“There are so many organizations working to improve safety and well-being for everyone in our community,” said Lee-Ann Chevrette, Community Safety & Well-Being Specialist.

“This Forum allows numerous community partners to be together in one room, to discuss some of the structural barriers that cause harm in our community, and to find ways to work towards addressing some of our community’s most pressing safety and well-being challenges.”

The first day of the Forum brings together community partners and service providers, while the second day, on Saturday, Oct. 29, is focused on community learning and engagement. The public is encouraged to provide input on how to create a safer, healthier and more equitable community.

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Contact: Lee-Ann Chevrette, Community Safety & Well-Being Specialist, 625-2554,