Members of Thunder Bay’s Council Composition Review Committee heard on Tuesday how survey respondents want to see change to the makeup of City Council.

659 people responded to a survey launched in January that asked the public about their desire to see changes to the makeup of City Council, or changes to wards and ward boundaries.

Some of the highlighted data that was received includes:

  • 72 per cent of respondents felt the current size of council was inappropriate
  • 56 per cent of respondents felt the ward system adds value
  • 84 per cent of respondents felt ward boundaries should be reviewed
  • 62 per cent of respondents saw value in at-large councillors
  • Nearly 52 per cent of respondents did not want to see full-time City Councillors
  • Nearly 60 per cent of respondents felt the current compensation for councillors is appropriate

“Based on the results of this survey, we have learned that there is a desire from the public to see some change to the size and composition of City Council,” said Rebecca Johnson, Chair – Council Composition Review Committee.

“We will take this information, determine some next steps on how we can further engage with the public, and see exactly what changes they want.”

The survey had a relatively even split of respondents across Thunder Bay’s seven wards.

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