May 1, 2015 - Tipping fees for residents driving cars and non-commercial light trucks will once again be waived this year as part of "˜Free Week' at the Solid Waste & Recycling Facility, which runs from May 3 to 10.

Regular tipping fees will apply to all loads brought onto the site in commercial vehicles. Thunder Bay Police will also be on-hand to inspect vehicles and ensure all loads are properly secured.

"Every year, we encounter residents who don't properly secure their loads, resulting in garbage spilling out on the way to the landfill," said Thunder Bay Police Traffic Sgt. Glenn Porter. "This is very dangerous to other drivers."

This year, residents with properly secured loads will be recognized by Zone Watch volunteers, who will be presenting jugs of windshield washer fluid donated by Canadian Tire. Those taking advantage of Free Week are asked to organize their loads to allow for quick removal at the proper laydown areas.

"Traffic to the landfill increases dramatically during the spring, and especially during Free Week," said Brad Adams, Manager - Roads Division.  "We ask that drivers be patient, and unload garbage in an efficient way to keep traffic flowing through the site."

Using special laydown areas for materials like scrap metal, compost, tires and hazardous waste prevents these items from being buried in with the garbage. 

Residents are reminded to take extra caution with the increased volume of traffic and to drive carefully. If possible, visit the landfill on Sunday, May 3 or Sunday, May 10 when fewer vehicles are on site, and coming early in the morning to avoid lineups. Kiosk staff at the public Weigh Scale will direct you to the Public Waste Disposal Area or Main Tipping Face depending on your load.

For more information, call 625-2195 or visit

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Contact: Sgt. Glenn Porter, Traffic Section - Thunder Bay Police, 684-1226 

              Jason Sherband, Coordinator - Waste Diversion and Recycling, 625-3851