WHEREAS, the honeybee is responsible for pollination of nearly 3 quarters of plants that produce 90% of the world’s food. A 3rd of the world’s production depends on honeybees and pollinators. Ex every 3rd spoonful of food depends on pollination and;

WHEREAS, the honeybee is one of the most vital species that plays the essential roles as one of the major pollinators, thus ensuring food and food security, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity and;

WHEREAS, the honeybee is in decline and threatened due to habitat loss, pesticides/herbicides, diseases and;

WHEREAS, this proclamation is to educate humanity on safe practices to bring awareness to their importance and to coexist together to sustain a healthy ecosystem.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Ken Boshcoff, on behalf of Thunder Bay City Council, do hereby proclaim April, May & June as “Honeybee Appreciation Months” in the City of Thunder Bay