MAY, 2023

WHEREAS, there is a historic Jewish population in the City of Thunder Bay and this population reflects the rich and varied history of the Jewish people. Comprising a population tracing its origins to many different parts of the world, and embracing the many different traditions and practices within Judaism;

WHEREAS, Statistics Canada notes that the Jewish population in the country is approximately 400,000 people, more than 1% of the total Canadian population, making it the fourth-largest Jewish population in the world;

WHEREAS, the Jewish community has a long and proud history in Canada, and has made significant contributions to the wellbeing, growth and prosperity of Canada while overcoming tremendous obstacles;

WHEREAS, the Jewish community has excelled in a wide range of endeavors including the arts and sciences, law, architecture, media, finance, entertainment and business significantly contributing to Canadian life;

WHEREAS the month of May is meaningful for the Jewish community around the world;

WHEREAS, in 2018 Parliament adopted Bill S-232 "An Act respecting Canadian Jewish Heritage Month" designating the month of May as Canadian Jewish Heritage Month thereby recognizing the important contributions that Jewish Canadians have made to Canada’s social, economic, political, and cultural fabric;

WHEREAS, Parliament declared that the Canadian Jewish Heritage Month would provide an opportunity to remember, celebrate and educate future generations about the inspirational role that Jewish Canadians have played and continue to play in communities across the country;

WHEREAS, B’nai Brith a Jewish human rights organization that has been active nationally in Canada since 1875, has invited municipalities to enhance Parliament’s declaration of the Canadian Jewish Heritage Month by adopting their own motions and promoting the celebration of the heritage month within their territory each May.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Ken Boshcoff, on behalf of Thunder Bay City Council, do hereby proclaim May as “Jewish Heritage Month” in the City of Thunder Bay.