Mayor Ken Boshcoff, along with members of the Mayor’s Task Force on Building More Homes, unveiled a banner today at City Hall that will launch the city’s “Let’s Build Thunder Bay’ campaign as part of the Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF).

The City of Thunder Bay was approved for up to $20.7 million dollars in federal funding from the HAF in February 2024 to support development of over 600 new housing units over the next three years, to reach a total of 1,691 new permitted homes by February 2027.

“These funds provide an opportunity to shape the future of Thunder Bay, and that is what we are here to achieve!”, said Mayor Boshcoff, Chair of the Mayor’s Task Force on Building More Homes.

“After the Housing Accelerator Fund was announced in February, the Mayor’s Task Force assembled. Our goal is to help guide and deliver the housing initiatives that this new fund allows, and to recommend additional strategies and actions to accelerate development in the community. City Council’s vision is for a city that is prosperous, compact, affordable, vibrant and sustainable.”

The City’s HAF Action Plan outlines eight initiatives aimed at increasing housing development. Financial incentives are available to everyone starting a building project. Funds will be allocated in the form of grants, helping to achieve a range of housing options and affordability levels.

They will also help improve the city's financial position by adding density within existing serviced areas. Two grants are now available, including the Affordable Rental Housing Funding Program and the Construction Assistance Grant Program. Coming soon are the Additional Dwelling Units Grant, Servicing Grant, and a Multi-unit Residential Grant.

“Thunder Bay is growing, and that growth is projected to accelerate. Our goal is to ‘Build Thunder Bay’ for the future,” said Joel DePeuter, Director of Development Services. “These funds provide an opportunity to shape the future of Thunder Bay and change the way that we grow. The entire community can be a part of building a Thunder Bay for the future and maximize our growth momentum!”

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