APRIL 2021

WHEREAS, an estimated 227,000 Canadians are affected by an amputation or have a limb difference; and

WHEREAS, amputations are often performed due to complications from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and trauma; and

WHEREAS, losing a limb can result in physical, spiritual and financial challenges that affect how people live their daily lives such as isolation that can lead to mental health issues; and

WHEREAS, supporting organizations and individuals committed to raising awareness about diseases, conditions and illnesses that affect all Canadians through education, fundraising and supports, only improves the health and well-being of our communities. NOW THEREFORE, I, Mayor Bill Mauro, on behalf of Thunder Bay City Council, do hereby proclaim April as “Limb Loss Awareness Month” in the City of Thunder Bay.

Please contact the Amputee Coalition of Toronto for any questions or information


Amputee Coalition of Toronto website