MARCH 19-25, 2023

WHEREAS, an annual national awareness campaign draws attention to the causes of poisonings and how to adopt poison prevention strategies; and

WHEREAS, Ontario Poison Centre (OPC) is a non-profit telephone health promotion service which operates 24/7, answering calls from homes, hospitals, EMS, group homes and LTC to assist in and support toxic exposures; and

WHEREAS, OPC will work with community partners on an awareness campaign to inform when poison happens, poison centres are here for you, educate and promote safer storage of poisons in homes; and

WHEREAS, increasing knowledge, identifying high-risk situation for children exposed to medications and substances, and improving access to the PC will empower families to act safely.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Ken Boshcoff, Mayor of the City of Thunder Bay, do hereby proclaim March 19-25, 2023, to be National Poison Prevention Week in the City of Thunder Bay.