Notice is hereby given that the Council of The Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay, at its meeting held on Monday, April 15, 2019, declared the following land and easement interests surplus to the City's requirements:

The City’s interest in the lane adjacent to 629 Regina Avenue, being Part of Lane, Registered Plan 643 McIntyre, abutting Lots 167, 168 & 169, Registered Plan 643 (F88), containing an area of approximately 156.08 sq. metres or 1679.98 sq. feet, once closed, be sold to the abutting property owner of 629 Regina Avenue for lot addition at appraised market value.

The City’s interest in the untravelled portion of Curry Street as shown on Registered Plan WM49 (G37), 1,107 sq. metres or 11,918 sq. feet.once closed, be sold to the abutting property owners of the Hampton Inn (Property Location 1) for lot addition, and to the Ministry of Transportation (Property Location 2) for future access to the Enbridge Gas Plant, at appraised market value.

The City’s interest in the vacant property, being Block 41, Registered Plan 55M-621 (G38), 6314 sq. metres or 67,963 sq. feet being land dedicated to the City to satisfy parkland requirements for phase one of the Maplewood Estates Subdivision, be exchanged with the Developer, upon the City receiving an alternate block of land within phase two of the Maplewood Estates Subdivision;

Please note all site areas referred to herein are approximate.  For further information regarding the lands, please contact Lisa Zawadzki of the Realty Services Division at 625-2527, (Fax 625-2977), or visit the Realty Services Office at Victoriaville Civic Centre, 2nd Floor, 111 Syndicate Avenue South, Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Enquiries may be made until the 24th of May 2019. 

DATED at the City of Thunder Bay, this 1st day of May, 2019.

John S. Hannam

City Clerk