The City of Thunder Bay has launched an online citizen satisfaction survey to monitor and understand local priorities and concern on a wide range of City services while assessing the local quality of life. This year the City has partnered with Zencity who will host the survey online for targeted continuous monitoring of residents’ opinions and satisfaction levels. 

“We are looking forward to using a new method that takes advantage of our digital age and gathers feedback in real time,” said City Manager Norm Gale. “The citizen satisfaction survey touches on areas such as housing, transportation, recreation, and public safety to name a few. The survey is one of our key performance indicators that we will use to monitor and track progress of our Strategic Plan.”

The Zencity survey will run from August to September and then resume in January 2024 for a three-month period and once again in July 2024. With a continuous stream of feedback, results will be assessed on an ongoing basis and reviewed in-depth at periodic intervals to track progress against the direction of the City’s strategic action plan which is currently under development.

Zencity’s community survey is digitally distributed by targeted ads to reach a representative sample based on Thunder Bay’s census data. The responses give a proportional voice to all demographics (e.g., by age, sex, race, education level, and income level) based on the makeup of the municipality. It provides a short, user-friendly questionnaire to participants which then shares real time feedback to the City.

The survey asks residents to rate their experience with different aspects of life in Thunder Bay. If residents see a Zencity survey for the City of Thunder Bay appear on their social media channels or web browser, they are encouraged to complete it.

The Zencity survey replaces the City’s previous citizen satisfaction surveys conducted by telephone through Ipsos.

For those who are not part of the targeted online sampling, residents can choose to share their input through the City’s Get Involved site which will also host the survey. As of Wednesday, Aug. 9, residents can visit to complete the survey. 

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